Trunk Tie Down





Introduction: Trunk Tie Down

Have you ever tried to tie your trunk or hatchback down on a newer car and find there is nothing to tie to?

Step 1: Tie Down

Some time ago it hit me to stuff something into the locking mechanism. At the time all I had to use was a old 1/4 in. Zinc-Plated Quick Link but a cheap carabiner works fine. Between the carabiner and the bottom trunk latch you have two good tie down points.

Step 2: Release

When it's time to unload just hit the trunk release. Untie after unloading.



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    you could use a truckers hitch to keep the tension just right, I will buy one of the turnbuckles you showed as soon as i see one

    more often then not I use one of those cheap carabiner that you can get for a dollor at Home Depot or Lowe's

    Been doing this for years. never crossed my mind to share this with instructables?. great to see that it works! ?

    So making this over the weekend!!!!

    That's really clever. Too many times I've seen trunks overloaded and being unsecured. This at least gives a little more confidence to the people following you.

    Brilliant! I always used electrical wire to create a loop but this looks way more easy. Thank you for posting this!

    why didn't I ever think of this. thanks for the tip!!!