Try Homemade EGG CUP.




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Introduction: Try Homemade EGG CUP.

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

Dont you hate when you get burned with the boiled Egs...?

With your own stuff you can make a fashionable egg cup, and the best part is that you can clean wash it after use . All you need is two Deodorant Caps, a drywall screw and of course a Screwdriver.

Wash with hot water the deodorant Caps perfore aHole in the Middle and attach with the other Cap. That´s all. Now youa can enjoy your boiled Eggs with no ouuuch´s or damn it´s. Hope you Like it Rated and vote.



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    6 and what....?

    That's quite a lot for only 67 views.

    Did you really Know it...? watch your mouth young Boy, those are serious indictments,Why dont you just chill out a little and don´t take it personal. As an active member of Instructables I know all the rules and believe me, I´m not breaking the Laws.I guess that your nice policy force me to better my skills and try to do my best . I thank u so much to be pendant of my development.

    Hey, hey, hey! I'm not saying you're breaking the laws. I didn't even say anything mean. By the way, family members really shouldn't vote for your entries because they're _your_ family. I like your work and want to be your Instructables friend.


    Agreed...count with another Ible penpal...and good luck in your projects.

    You´re the Best , Daddy...