Picture of How to get a Tshirt for GoodHart


In May-June 2008, Goodhart, one of the Instructables regulars and all-around great guy, had to go in for a series of cardiac / pulmonary tests, and subsequently found out he needed a double bypass operation:

[ Serious Notice guys n gals concerning me.......]
[ When it rains, it pours......]
I will try to be back by Friday 6/13/08 or Sat 6/14/08

Having heard him bemoan his inability to get a T-shirt from the newly opened Instructables Store due to medical expenses, we figured we'd buy him one as a get-well gift. A signed one. With custom artwork. And bells and whistles (bells and whistles optional and sold separately ). We even had to go through some shenanigans to figure out his shirt size (size XL, and no capybara...)

This instructable is a record of the Super Secret Collaboration we set up to organize the whole project.

Yes, it's all jumbled out of order. Deal with it.


YEEE-HAWW!!!! (GoodHart got the shirt!)

It's really coming along, thanks people! Keep up the good work!

As ya'll folkses know, we are making a tshirt with member signatures for GoodHart. Just add your signature to this ible, and Adrian Monk, Patrick Pending, and myself, RocketScientist2015, will get it all fixed up and placed on his shirt. If you have a personal message, add it as a comment to your picture. Not yet a collaborator? PM me (RocketScientist2015) your username and I'll add you.
Thanks folks,

Any questions?

PM Adrian Monk, Patrick Pending, or me

No, not patrick pending, patrik with a K.
sorry me man


All credit for this idea goes to Patrik. He's awesome.

and RocketScientist2015 for thinking of a collab :P

-Adrian monk


We need to find out goodhart's t-shirt size without him being suspicious. So I'll post a forum topic posing as a personality test. It will ask what your favorite song is, what color your toothbrush is, your shoe size, shirt size, and the name of your dog if any.

I need your help. I need everyone who sees this except Kiteman, NachoMahma, Killerjackalope and sunbanks to answer the silly questions. Dosen't matter what you answer. Pointless arguing is actually(skate6566 was here) encouraged-it lends credibility and authenticity to the topic. Keith-kid can be in charge of that teehee

Hijacking is welcome, as long as you do it after Goodhart answers the questions.

In case he dosen't respond after a couple days, here's what I was thinking we could do:

Kiteman, can you please post your answer, and if goodhart dosen't post after two days or so, ask, "Hey? Isn't anybody else going to post here?

Sunbanks, Go ahead and post your answers, but when Kiteman posts his question, can you reply "yeah, what about some of the ibles celebs-NachoMahma, Killerjackalope and Goodhart, for example?

Killerjackalope and NachoMahma, that's your cue to post your answers without saying anything else about goodhart.

If he still doesn't answer, I'll get a "chant" going. Just follow my lead.

I'm sorry, I know it's very intricate, but I think it will work if he misses or ignores the thread.

-Adrian monk

sounds good


I can't do the t-shirt image right now, so if someone else can that would be good.

-Adrian monk

I don't know how good it looks, Adrian. But here it is, nonetheless.

That looks awesome, skate6566. For the back, patrick suggested that we do the handand url logo that's at the top, he said Goodhart like that.

Great job!

-Adrian monk

Goodhart is a size XL!!!!!! My plan worked!!! W00t!!!

How's it look, Adrian?

Oh, wow. Nevermind. I just realized that I forgot a lot of people. I wish I could just have like a zip file or something with all of the pictures in them. Darn it!

Looks good...but we still need to incorporate caitlinsdad's cartoon!

-adrian monk


If it's ok with patrik, I think we'll use this, unless you guys think it's really stinky...we gotta get this shirt to him! :)

If we are going to order it, I think they decided on the signatures on the back, the hand/slogan (SHIRT_CLASSIC in the store) on the front, and some text reading "Valued community member" or something.

-Adrian monk


Two definite offers to date (I haven't actually taken any money yet).
Running total $25.
"money must be refunded immediately"
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kcls5 years ago
Awww man. I wish I was around Instructables when this was going on! I would have been honored to sign a shirt that goodhart was going to wear! He is cool!
Arbitror5 years ago
I want to see a picture of GoodHart wearing it! Thanks for adding my signature by the way.

Also, it's kind of ironic how Goodhart had to get a heart operation... But now he has a real Good Heart!
Plasmana6 years ago
Am I too late to add my signature?
KentsOkay (author)  Plasmana6 years ago
Yes, but it's the thought that counts
Aww... Oh well, maybe there will be an other one someday... I don't know if you want to know my signature, but here it is..
Yes, and the thought that you would want to sign means a lot to me
Derin Goodhart6 years ago
I would want to sign it too,but I found about it too late.
Goodhart Derin6 years ago
Thanks.....well, I am not going back into the hospital for a repeat performance, that's for sure LOL

I am thinking of ways to remedy this ..maybe
YAY GOODHEART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:-) That is good that it has some effect on you...
Wafflicious5 years ago
I wish I would have found this at the time. Stay well Goodhart!
n8man6 years ago
So, now that the book is being made and they want some stories behind some of the instructables on this site. I think we need someone to type up the story behind this instructable who has been there since the beginning of the shirt and knows the everything that happened before this instructable to cause it to happen. I think all of the collaborators of this instructable should vote on who writes the story behind it as long as they want to do it.
KentsOkay (author)  n8man6 years ago
Ehm that would be... Adrian Monk Patrik Me
n8man KentsOkay6 years ago
So I say we should vote on who does it

We=all colaborators
i reckon you, kiteman, adrian or rocketscientist is there a way we could do a poll?
I was there from the beginning. Everybody always forgets me...
I think I'll stay out of that. Ya'll feel free to write something up, so long as it dosen't mention me in any way...
KentsOkay (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
Ehh well... how bout we just never your name as anything other than Adrian Monk? (I don't want my name that easy to find either) about if you named me as anoynmous? I'd consider anonymous...
Lets just have the whole story written anonymously in 3rd person.
I really like that idea! I hope no one else is offended that they perosnally will not get credit...all infavor?
I mean we on instructables will know who wrote it but those who buy the book won't.
dombeef6 years ago
Can I still put my signature in it?
Derin6 years ago
I have a great project underway too.That is enough info about the project.
KentsOkay (author) 6 years ago
Woot! We made it into the book people!
What's the page; I can't find it!
KentsOkay (author)  xACIDITYx6 years ago
The back.. one line..
Aw... I thought my name would be in it.
KentsOkay (author)  xACIDITYx6 years ago
I was hopping everyone would be in it, but allas no
i know that you have already gotten him one, but why was coolz one of the collaborators, doesn't he do bad things and such?
well, when i was coolz, i really never edited this ible, just put my picture (which is changed now) in the images
can you do another?
awww. this is so cute!
puffyfluff6 years ago
This is a wonderful idea. I think Goodhart really appreciated it. It's nice that someone would do this. I give thanks to all the people who worked on it.

p.s. wish I had found this sooner to get my signature on it...
Is this still going? If so, Ill send in my Sig!
StyleCore6 years ago
I Like It but I dont see myself on there. Could somebody point it out or am I blind?
Lol! you said I Like it. That's your username! Ha! Oh, also, I can't seem to find yours either.
LOL I love my name too. And I need my name on there. What do we do?
PM adrian, would be your best bet.
Ok I will
Ok, ok, I edited it, your name is now on there...
My name isn't on there :S
Sorry, that was my fault...if it's any consolation, mine isn't on there either! :D
really? It was? I ABSOLOUTLY H8 YOU!!! Jk lol. It's okay though. I wonder why I just noticed this comment. I was looking through the comments I had recieved and I'm like "WTF? I don't remember this"
You were a bit late with your signature
Oh... darn...
Yay thanks =)
DJ Radio6 years ago
Is it too late to sign here?
Yeah, he already got it. Sorry.
KentsOkay (author) 6 years ago


Probably a Guesstimate, but I would be willing to say that it's a true one.
NachoMahma6 years ago
. The shirt has been ordered! Here are some screenshots from the order page:
. (text removed before ordering, due to popular demand)
. It seems that it is still very difficult for individuals to exchange money over the Internet, so I've paid for the shirt ($20.89, if anyone is curious. I splurged an extra $4 on gift wrapping and a card that says "Get Well Soon from the gang at Instructables"). Anyone who was wanting to contribute can make a donation (money or time) to your favorite charity in lieu of paying me.
Awesome! Thanks so much! Hmm.... I really need to repay a bit of this somehow...... perhaps I'll send you a nice clock....
. I appreciate the thought, but I really would prefer if you just made some type of contribution to a charity of your choice. Or do something nice for somebody that needs it.
. Pay It Forward :)
NachoMahme, when all is said and done I'll bet you will have indirectly donated way more than 24.89 to charity!
. hmmmmm It would be interesting (to me, anyway) to see how much my little gesture gets multiplied and where is goes. Something like a web page where ppl could anonymously enter how much they donated and to whom. Would need some sort of Other field for those that make non-monetary donations. Any web programmers up to the challenge?
Oh you're great ! You're not that evil finally .... =o)
I know, what a guy!
KentsOkay (author)  NachoMahma6 years ago





*Joins Spl1nt3rC3ll and Laboot2001 in Clapping*

Thank you, thank you. :D
KentsOkay (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
*sniggers* Your avatar! HAHA!
Why, thank you my good man, I will assume you mean that as a compliment.
what we should do is add in all of what we did here and when goodhart post a forum saying he got the shirt post this instructable for him to see.
Dude! You serious? Well done, that man! #2 son was back in GOSH today, and is back in again on Sunday - we'll drop them a donation in your name.
. this GOSH ? You need to remember that those of us on the proper side of the Atlantic are not familiar with British institutions.
. As long as it's a good cause (you be the judge), I don't care who's name it's in. Use something that sounds French. How about Anon Yves Mous?
That's the one - #2 has had kidney stones since birth.

Anon Yves Mous it is.
Wow! I feel sorry for him! Respecting your wishes, I won't pray for him. I might pray against kidney stones in general though. I've been married for 16 years, and have only yelled at my wife 4 times. One of those was under the influence of kidney stones. I had to cut my yelling short so I could throw up. She had her first stones about 3 months later, and came to understand my point of view.
. I have a feeling that any woman who is raising three kids knows how to yell back. heehee But any woman that can put up with you for 16 years must be a saint and probably doesn't do much yelling. ;) . > I had to cut my yelling short so I could throw up. . ROFLMAO! That'll teach ya to yell at 'er. . PS: Go ahead and pray for #2. What the heck? It can't hurt and we just won't tell Kiteman you did it.
Thanks for the sympathy (and the intent of the prayers). Weirdly, he has almost no symptoms of the stones - we only knew when we found grit in his nappies.

He has several stones, some quite large, but he also has unusually narrow tubes in the kidneys, so they stay up and out of the way. The surgeons find him quite frustarting - the narrow tubes make surgery difficult, and the stones are unusually hard, so lithotripsy has minimal impact.

Still, he's happy, active and very bright. Kitewife is taking him back to GOSH on SUnday for more treatment, and he's looking forward to it because there's a new ward he hasn't seen yet...
*applauds* Yaaay!!
> And here's the confirmation:
Order Date: 06/19/2008Order-ID: 355459-370301Quantity                                Article Price       Total--------------------------------------------------------------------  1 x                                          $ 16.90       $ 16.90       Men - Men's Lightweight cotton T-Shirt      Product ID: 3543553-0      Size: XL      Color: white       Front:        Design: Digital Direct, 2869342,        Back:        Design: Digital Direct, 2924309, --------------------------------------------------------------------Sub-total                                                   $ 16.90--------------------------------------------------------------------Handling                                                     $ 3.99Delivery (UPS Ground)                                        $ 4.99====================================================================Sum Total                                                   $ 25.88====================================================================
Do we have an ETA?
Right about now.
Thank you very much, NachoMahma! Without you, this would have been next to imossible.
. Aw, shucks, Ms. Monk. 'Tweren't nuthin'. . . The project has been a bit of a hassle, but that's just because we've never done it before. I think it would be worthwhile to form some sort of "Social Committee" to help organize any future projects. The committee could moderate postings, make decisions when there is a "dispute" (like the add text or not debate on this project), final OK on designs, &c. . Handling money is liable to be an issue. Maybe a "treasurer" could be set up for each project. If you don't feel comfortable sending that person money, you don't have to. Nothing that requires any legal paperwork; you either trust them or you don't. Of course, any participation in funding would not be mandatory - you can still "get your sig on the shirt" if you don't contribute. . Or maybe the way we did this one will work best. Who's turn is it to pay for the next one? ;)
lol, but i am broke.
the top of the thermometer is the number you find, in a topic of thread titled that very number.
... What?
oh boy


You, sir, have been bamboozled.
lol did you figure it out?
Go look for yourself.
indeed you did, in a cheating sort of way.....

just like everybody else *cries*

hahah i have no idea what this is!
dsman1952766 years ago
i think this has the record for the longest intro too!!!
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago



Great job guys!


HERE is the final image...sorry, I Like It, you're on there now. Everyone else, speak NOW or be forever left off the t-shirt.
shirt 4.JPG
I'd like to kick some cash in, is it too late?
Well, Nachomahma paid for it, he said instead of giving him money he would like for people to donate to charity. (Whatta guy!)
GoodHart got the T shirt yesterday. This Instructable was published to show the rest of the community what we've done.
I find it extremely racist that the cartoon does not have me in it.

Just kidding, hahahahahaha!
Har de har har.
I would post this on the lower comments but that would involve bumping old design plans and people would say "it should be bigger" and "isn't the text going on the back" and all that. If there haven't been any more donations, I will make up the difference from the $25 pledged to the estimated $31 total (or accordingly adjusted for the final price as Kiteman said).
Thank you! That's very generous. I appreciate it. :)
I had offered $10 as well - don't think that's included in the tally yet. Either way, we should have plenty to order the T shirt.
I forgot about that. Thanks! It's nice that we don't have to worry about fundage.
> If there haven't been any more donations, I will make up the difference from the $25 pledged to the estimated $31 total (or accordingly adjusted for the final price as Kiteman said).

I can contribute too as long as Kiteman accepts cash in € =o)
Choosetc. doesn't have credit card =o(

Er, I think we should rename this "How We Got GoodHart A T-Shirt"
That way people won't get confused and think this is still operational.
Or at least say in the intro that GoodHart got the shirt, because I don't think anyone's looking at the YEEE-HAWWW link... :/
Pumpkin$6 years ago
On behalf of myself, and group the alliance we hope he is ok after the bipass surgery, best wishes PUMPKIN$ & The Alliance
comodore6 years ago
is this ok? I was shocked to hear about goodhart!
commodore erorr.jpg
Sorry your bit too late, Goodhart has the shirt now!
ooo, ok Is he okay? how is he?
Wow. Great job, guys. I just wish I had known about this sooner. And can we have the two difinitive pics? I'm rather confused about which ones got used. Thanks!
Gjdj36 years ago
It's cool how well the entire community was involved in this. In 2 days this has over 50 comments, and in less than 2 months (was it?) this entire project was put together.
Labot20016 years ago
I added this 'ible to my new group.

And I've never given a 5/5 rating before... but this one deserves it. ;-)

Round of applause for all who contributed.
Mr. Rig It6 years ago
Now that I have featured this, it hit me. Should I unfeature it? Is it still a secret? I feel so dumb now duhh.......
GoodHart already got the shirt yesterday, it isn't a secret anymore. That's why RocketScientist published it. We wanted others to see what we did.
well i wonder if he knew were it came from... oh right it said on the postage didn't it.... wow featured no more fun secret thing
Thornburg6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
your a little late dude, Goodhart already has the shirt...
Wow, you guys are really good at keeping secret. Well, that is ok I guess.
KentsOkay (author) 6 years ago


Thanks Rigit!
(removed by author or community request)
Thanks Rigit
Mr. Rig-it featured it.
*deletes comment in embarrassment*
comodore6 years ago
I agree, it looks cool, but it should be a bit bigger!
darkmuskrat6 years ago
Great job guys. Your group is awesome to have done this.
Thornburg6 years ago
So can we add our signatures.
acaz936 years ago
This instructable is epic
KentsOkay (author)  acaz936 years ago
not to be ignorant or something , (nor jealous) but , what's happening with GoodHart ?
Patrik acaz936 years ago
Double bypass - see the new intro up above.
acaz93 Patrik6 years ago
awww , i didn't know . my father got that too . they were the most painful thing i've experienced BTW . can i upload my signature too ?
=SMART=6 years ago
wow that T-Shirt is soo cool, forgive me for being stupid, but why did he get this? (not saying he didn't deserve it just wondering how?) and how on earth did this remain a secret!?!
Patrik =SMART=6 years ago
I added an Intro to the Intro, to explain things a little...
dsman1952766 years ago
yay! it worked!
Gjdj36 years ago
thejrb6 years ago
I like it.
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Arrrrggggghhhhhh! Just got this e-mail: . Dear customer, Due to a favorable response to our recent introduction of Digital Direct, we are very sorry to inform you that we are experiencing a large volume of orders at this moment. This means that you may have to wait an additional 4 days of production time before your order is shipped. We are working diligently to produce and ship our orders as fast as we can with the resources available. We ask that you are patient while we work through this busy time. If this is unacceptable to you, because you needed your order for a specific date, we ask that you send an email to with your order number in the subject line stating that you would like to cancel. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1- 800-381-xxxx. We are very sorry about this delay and want to say thank you for your patience and understanding. Spreadshirt - The world's creative apparel platform!
Bummer! Sigh...I guess as long as it gets to him, that's all that matters...that tanks, though. :(
I just wanted to add mine in.
Patrik6 years ago
I would put the signatures at maximum size on the back, and the hand+logo on the front, with the "Valued Community Member" underneath the "THE WORLD'S BIGGEST SHOW & TELL" line. Something like this:
Patrik Patrik6 years ago
MY original idea was to have the hand and logo only at "name tag size", which would have made the "Valued Community Member" a lot less ostentatious. But it looks like you can't scale down the text that far. So something like this:
I like the idea, but so many people are saying they don't like the text that I think we'll just leave it off.
Sure - whatever will get the T-shirt out the door fastest. ;-)
I think kiteman ordered it a few hours ago.

I can't wait to pm goodhart!
Oh, It's already out!


He knows??

Why didn't anyone tell me?

Shirt isn't ordered yet...shipping issues...
No, he doesn't know, as far as I know.

I was wondering if it was already out. I meant...
Oh, It's already out?!'s good he dosen't know, but thanks for giving me a HEART ATTACK! No, but it'll be ordered soon.
n8man Patrik6 years ago
Put a heart on the front, the real kind. It just makes sense, his name is Goodhart
xACIDITYx n8man6 years ago
Whatever, you are kind of annoying
Patrik6 years ago
Hehe... little does he know...

Goodhart on the Instructables Store Sale forum:
"*sigh* and me only having short term disability as income right now......"
KentsOkay (author)  Patrik6 years ago
PKM6 years ago
The collection of siggies is pretty good, the image will have to be as big as possible for them to actually print properly and not be tiny illegible squiggles, but it looks well set out.

The text... hm. I agree with the sentiment, but
a) just having the text "valued community member" reminds me of those horrible children's badges saying "Mummy's Little Helper" or whatever
b) In plain black Arial it does look rather... homemade.

There's nothing wrong with it per se, but I'm still not 100% about the design. I can't think of anything better, though, so don't take this as criticism, I'm just trying to articulate what I think about it.

Can the people in charge (ie Kiteman and Adrian) clarify what the current design planned is? (ie what images/text on front and back)

"Chaps and chapesses"- and you're a school teacher, you say?
Ok, we're eschewing the text. Like it any better?
Damn - now we're eschewing it? Could we just have omitted it instead? ;-)
Rssssssssssssp :P
So now the plan is sigs on the back, hand/URL on the front? I'm easy, really, and aware I have a slightly unorthodox sense of design and what looks good, so will happily go with the majority.
Okay, I think we're going to put the sigs on the back under the approved text, with the hand/url logo of instructables on the front.
Two things...

  • Is it too late to add mine?
  • Cafepress would cost quite a bit less than $31
It wouldn't be a gen-u-wine instructables t-shirt then!
huh? Are we buying this off intructables?
Yup. Off the t-shirt store, Goodhart wanted to buy one but didn't.
> Cafepress would cost quite a bit less than $31

I guess $31 includes shipping fees, and also that it's a high grade teeshirt ?


Worse, now I have to PM Kiteman again!!

nope not yet, go ahead and add yours, put it in along with the other signatures in step 3
(removed by author or community request)
You left mine out.
You're right! I fixed it...
I'm guessing that's the final image?

Money is not an issue now - two donors have already promised a total of $25 (one has offered to go higher if required). If a couple of other prominent conspirators actually promise some cash, that will be enough.

Rather than fuss about with refunds and what-not, I need to know how to get that image onto a tee.

I will then order it, find out the exact total, and then PM those who offered donations with a request for a proportion of the total

(Say, if your offer is a quarter of the total offered, I'd request a quarter of the actual price. Do you follow?)

So - how do I get that image onto the T?

That's the final image. You upload it to the t-shirt store(I think) after registering for an account. I'll ask fungus amungus if you still can't figure it out after you actually start the's supposed to be pretty simple though.

I have a spreadshirt account.

Can we please confirm the design? What I understand so far is:

Final image on front, with text Valued Community Member above

Do we want any official site images on it? Maybe "instructables" between the shoulderblades, as on the old-school Robot shirts? Or on the sleeve?

I want to try and order the Tee this evening (it is 11:05am as I type). If there is no reply by then, I'll just go with the bold-text version in this post.

Additionally, certain prominent conspirators have not actually mentioned the size of their donation yet.

No, the final image goes on BACK, with the hand and logo design on front.

Ahem...gotta get it just right!

Text looks good...oh dear, I don't know if I can make it bigger, I posted the only one I had! Let me see...I'll work on it.

I would donate, but I'm completely broke. No tengo dinero. I don't have enough moolah to buy a diet coke right now, and I'm speaking literally...
Like the image I posted below?
Good idea.
OK, and the text on the front or back?
Text on the back. Hand and url on the front. If that's okay with people...I don't think anyone will have any objections though.
Why not a heart placed at the top left side where the heart would be. Real kind, not fake kind that you get on valentines day.
Thankies! :)
Sounds good
Okay, I doubled the size, I hope it isn't too pixellated...
shirt 2.JPG
OK, but can you add it to a step (only the medium-sized image gets added in a comment)?
Kiteman Kiteman6 years ago
EDIT: Look at step five as well.
Sweet thanks!
Looks... *searches for his sig* Better than any of the ones I have done. ;-p More creative. I like it.
Thank you very much! Did I leave yours out?
Nope, I found it ;-)
AAAHHHHHH man mine isnt on thier =(
We just edited out the brown background, is all.
Yes, it is. Look at the big version I posted in the collab.
Let's go go go! YAY
Joe Martin6 years ago
@kiteman. I think the design is fine, it would be nice if the siggies were a bit bigger but if it can't be done, It can't be done. Joe
ShielaAngel6 years ago
I like it! But I agree, the image should be a tad bigger. Other than that it looks nice :)
Aar000n3y6 years ago
Looks good to me
looks good, but i think the pic on the t-shirt itself should be bigger, and maybey the text a bit smaller. i also like Keith-Kid's idea of 'awarded by...' and maybey have 'to good-hart, a valued member of the instructables community' under neath the pic
Jake Turner6 years ago
Looks good, although I'd put the sigs on the back and toss the robot onto the front.
Why not a big heart and a sign saying

Goodhart has a good heart

n8man n8man6 years ago
a real kind of heart, not a valentines day heart.
smmcguir6 years ago
Looks Good. Sorry my signature is so light... It would be nice if would be a little more visible. Other than that, going well. Great idea, once again
ketzele6 years ago
KentsOkay (author) 6 years ago
Looks great! I aprove of the design...
It's awesome, but if the image can be bigger, that would be awesome.
I'm following instructions from Her In Charge, and waiting for a larger version of the image.
"Her In Charge" LOL! I already uploaded a bigger version, here it is again in case you missed sure is big when I open in in paint!
shirt 2.JPG
Ty making the image more rectangular
No, you have to add it to a step of the 'ible - the default size for images posted in comments is "medium". If you add it to a step, I can download the "large" version (via that little i in the corner of the picture).
My bad... I made an error, they must have changed something.

Here's the real one.
Larger Image

If you right click on the embedded image, you'll get the .medium.jpg URL.

Take off the last / from the url (which is the jargon.medium.jpg) and you get the URL of the image.

Let's try this:
shirt 4.JPG
n8man6 years ago
Have valued community member as part of the image.
n8man6 years ago
Here is another one for me. You can pick between both.
n8man sig 2.jpgN8MAN sig 1.jpg
Doctor What6 years ago
I'd make the image just a tad bigger, like bigger bigger bigger.
Maybe cut down the text size to allow biger siggies, even have signatures one the back, robot and text on the front...
hillbilly6 years ago
Bigger Signatures would be cool but I guess its not really my call.... But anyways you guys rock for doing this for Goodhart. I know he's gonna like it!
Looks great, but the signatures are a little small...
Sharku6 years ago
looks good to me Sharku
Its sweet but like other people are saying, bigger=better lol

what if you had the signatures all over the shirt, covering the front and back, and on the sleeves, like a signature hug
ll.136 years ago
I dig the design with Robot+KK's av. =D it's AWESOME!
action hero6 years ago
yeah i like the design , like t3h_muffinator said a bigger signature picture would be cool
xACIDITYx6 years ago
I think if the images were bigger, that would be better. Maybe put just the signatures on the back and have the hand logo and Valued Instructables member or something on the front. Other than that, I approve.
I like the design, but a larger signature picture would be awesome. Also, perhaps a large muffin in the shape of a heart on the back ;-) Just kidding! Great job Adrian and Kiteman!
Also, where'd Eric, Christy, and Tetranitrate go??
guyfrom7up6 years ago
Yeah, images is a bit tiny
Sunbanks6 years ago
I think it looks great!
bumpus6 years ago
I like the size of the "Valued Community Member" part, but the signatures need to be =MUCH BIGGER=
it all looks great except for the image, it needs to be bigger, but if it is at its max size then ya i guess its fine.
Brennn106 years ago
I love it, but like G-Miko has said, it would be great if the signatures were bigger.
dsman1952766 years ago
make the signatures in the middle bigger, other then that, great.
Keith-Kid6 years ago
Its okay. Perhaps bigger signatures........

About the text, It's okay, but I was thinking of something along the lines of

"awarded by........" or something like that. But that text is okay.

BTW, I won't be uploading my signature. I just cant think up of a good one, and I won't just write Keith-Kid. It has to be special.
They're as big as they'll go - Adrian is about to upload a larger version.
Keith-Kid6 years ago
Too late to add mine?
KentsOkay (author)  Keith-Kid6 years ago
Don;t think so, add it!
I received an approximate figure for the shirt from tetranite, it looks like it will run to about 31 dollars, I'm assuming plus shipping and maybe a charge for using a custom inage. The way we are doing donations is by sending them to Kiteman's paypal account. Just so you know! :)
So it's happening now?
Kiteman is waiting for donations! PM him, I don't know how exactly to get it to him...
We need someone with a paypal account to set up somewhere for donations to go. And someone with a tshirt store account to order the shirt.
KentsOkay (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
Erm well not me dash it...
ShielaAngel6 years ago
Yes, this was a great idea!! :D I think he'll love it, hehe. I was told to post mine again, so here it is :]
here is the edited one of yours
PKM6 years ago
I'm PKM yes I'm the real PKM all you other PKMs are just imitating. Here be my signatures.
We need to incorporate caitlinsdad's cartoon! He went to all the trouble of making one, the least we can do it use it!
Labot20016 years ago


It looks amazing. Heck, it is amazing. I'm practically speechless... It's just awesome, how we all came together to do this for Goodhart... Kudos to all involved!

This will truly be awesome. Instructable's greatest accomplishment, IMO.

Wow :D

Brennn106 years ago
Mine isn't on the "major" picture. Here it is.
ultrauber6 years ago
Oh wait, it looks like my sig is already on the intro step. Should I still collaborate and move it to the other step? I did it in GIMP, so the background is already white.
Keith-Kid6 years ago
May I suggest something else? If you're going to put the hand logo in the back, why not add a message, or perhaps some other sort of message, like a card or something....Gimme a bit of time until I understand this whole thing.....jerks...
Actually, I would suggest putting the hand + slogan (labeled "SHIRT_CLASSIC" in the store) on the front, and the signatures on the back - that's how I've seen other signed T-shirts done (of course, most of those were done by signing an existing T-shirt with logo by hand, using a wash-proof marker).

I would also suggest we add some text to show our appreciation. How about "Valued Community Member"?
Valued Instructabler
Honor presented to a valued Ibler, from the Instructables Community.
That works.
We need yours still, I think.
StyleCore6 years ago
UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM How do we know his adress?
We don't - anyone... ?
It's okay, I pmed eric, who forwarded my message. So tetranite is in charge of the "official" part of this. They're going to get a prize pack with a robot t-shirt, patch, stickers and signed get well card from everyone in the office. And he's won a prize before, so I'm sure they have his address. And I have his shirt size. Now all we need is for skate to finish the design, and a way to pay for it (several people have offered to donate but I don't know where to tell them to go. Maybe just send it to you?). Anyway, we're in charge of printing the t-shirt with our design, and Goodhart's surgery is Monday.
. That is awesome! If only I could be a fly on the wall when he gets it. I'd love to see his face. . Make sure this topic doesn't get deleted. When someone eventually asks, again, "Why do you like Ibles?" I can point to it. You guys are great.
I've sent an idea to Rocket. Are you all sure it's safe to post comments ? I mean, they appear in our personal page, in the list of comments ...
But is goodhart going to catch 'em? Besides! Even if he finds out, he won't let us know he knows.
Maybe he knew before any case, use a code name. Maybe just say you know who.....or ME! Talk about me!!!!
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Fantastic job!! . I think he will love it no matter where you put the different elements - he seems to be a "it's the thought that counts" kinda guy.
Patrik6 years ago
I'm on travel right now (correction: I'm spending the night on a row of seats in Chicago O'Hare airport right now), so I won't be able to send in a signature before Thursday evening at the earliest. Carry on... :-)
Patrik Patrik6 years ago
I'll try to get mine in tonight...
Patrik Patrik6 years ago
Awright - here ya go:
Gotta take Eric and christy's off. He hasn't given approval yet. Same goes for fungusamungus. We also need to edit out the background on bumpus's signature, and replace ll.13's signature with the clear one he posted on the forum topic.
What ll.13's one with the paw or without, I got them both.
I'm gonna add the pawprint one as thats the one ll.13 wanted, Hope thats all right.
Sounds fine to me!
I've done both of them for you.
Now enhanced with muffin colors! Also, think it's alright if zachninme gets in on this? He's quite the contributor.
Sweet! Definitely, zachninme should be in on this.
Heh, I guess I stumbled in on my own :P
We need your siggy!
You'll get it soon: I started it on a different computer ;-)
Thanks, I'll add it for you. Joe
Khaos116 years ago
You guys already have mine right?
Keith-Kid6 years ago
Grr!!! No one told me!!!
Same here ................ It's not fair =o(
Can My Signature be in a cool place? Like the shoulder?!!!
No. But you still have to give it to us. Hurry up, I'm working on it now.
Aar000n3y6 years ago
Here's my sig
potofgold6 years ago
here you go! GREAT IDEA PATRIK!
Added, Thanks!
(removed by author or community request)
KentsOkay (author)  DELETED_craz meanman6 years ago
This isnt published, he cant find it unless given a direct link to it. Thanks!
I managed to find it somehow... it was on a list on their instructables. It was either yours or Adrian Monk's... or someone else's... fixed now -- I had to view her comments to come back :P
Is this alright, I haven't ruined it have I.
craz meanman.jpg
zachninme6 years ago
Hehe, this is clever ;-)
Kitewife6 years ago
And mine.
Made your a bit whiter, hope you don't mind kitewife. Joe
kaimanoid6 years ago
Sure thing.. Here's mine... Regards ~K~
Could you do one on white?
Yup, Skate.. Coming up! Regards ~K~
Now made even whiter and posted in step 2.
Much better. Thanks!
here you go. just wondering is it going to be a secret if its posted as an instructable? couldnt goodhart see it in recent or popular?
Ok, everyone, you know what to do!!
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Here you go, as requested by Ms. Adrian. Anyone is welcome to please color it in. I am not a photoshop/gimp pro to pick out and match colors to the real image although I know it is a function that it can do. I did it in black and white since I do not have the right color pencils to fill it in and wanted it to look good for the t-shirt. Besides, why should I have all the fun cartooning?
WOW! That looks awesome!! Thanks, caitlinsdad!
hillbilly6 years ago
I think everyone should give this project 5 stars
hillbilly6 years ago
Here's mine again! Goodhart stay healthy!
bumpus6 years ago
here it is!
Arbitror6 years ago
Heres mine:
the cheese no lines.JPG
Gjdj36 years ago
Brennn106 years ago
Do you guys have an estimate for the price of the shirt? Depending on that, I can see if I can help out or not.
There are both of them, I've added them in both trnasparent png and jepeg format, I wasn't sure about which you'd prefer, opening the png should give you a black signature that has no background whatsoever, If you lot need file hosting I've got a few gigs of space spare on my site that I can run these on for you.
killerjackalope signature.jpgkillerjackalope signature.png
KentsOkay (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Thanks, Adrian might need some file space, I'm not sure.
do you like my signature?
Yours is AWESOME!!!!!
KentsOkay (author)  dsman1952766 years ago
its cool!
thanks! though you can't tell it's knex in the t-shirt.
That'd be awesome. No, that'd be perfect! Would you mind hosting these?
It's ok, I've added all the ones on this page so far, do you want them made smaller for the T-shirt image? I can batch resize and stuff while I'm at it... Also anything else needed?
I think that covers it. Thanks! :)
That's no bother, as long as my providers don't notice... You're not supposed to do file serving... Anyway I'll host them for ya...
rogers2366 years ago
My signature:
Joe Martin6 years ago
Heres mine, RocketScientist2015 you have PM.
xACIDITYx6 years ago
I had an idea! You know how on some element shirts, they have that piece of embroidery or whatever on the sleeve part and it's hard? What if someone could embroider one and put it on the sleeve, like an element shirt! But instead of the element logo, you could do the hand!
Oh, that's right. They're called patches. But you could do just the hand and put it on the left sleeve, right down at the bottom.
Oh! How about making the heart in goodhart that stands in for an a red? As if it were neon or lit up with an led.
Genius!!! I'll do it!
Brennn106 years ago
Great job Adrian and Patrik (and Rocketscientist for this instructable). This is truly an awesome idea and will leave a lasting impression.
Okay, I'll have to swap your new picture out. Thanks for not having the lacrosse background, it looks more simplistic.
No problem.
StyleCore6 years ago
Heres mine
Nevermind, I did it.
Could you whiten it?
xACIDITYx6 years ago
Here's mine. ......................................................................................................................................................................... (In case he goes through my recent comments).... I hope Goodhart doesn't find this. If he does, he wounldn't tell us, though.
Kiteman6 years ago
Here's mine.
I don't know if this is white enough. To Goodhart: Live long and prosper! \\//
Picture 4.png
schorhr6 years ago
...if you need anything more creative then my quick wacom doodle let me know.
NachoMahma6 years ago
Sharku6 years ago
heres mine
sharku_logo 001 copy.jpg
Flumpkins6 years ago
I apologize x100,000,000,000, it's sideways :-(
Superjustin18 Autograph.jpg
flio1916 years ago
yo yo:
Doctor What6 years ago
Jake Turner6 years ago
My sig, once again, and a personal message: If you wear this shirt with my alter ego's handle upon it, my one request is that you say" Sweakin' Freet!" at least once in your life. :D
Sunbanks6 years ago
Here we go!
guyfrom7up6 years ago
Here's my sig... uhh... again (my whitened version)
coolz6 years ago
here it is: