Tshirt-to-Tank Refashion - Fitted





Introduction: Tshirt-to-Tank Refashion - Fitted

About: Army Vet. I love learning & being creative.

I made this fitted tank today out of a boring striped tshirt that I had planned on donating, as it was never worn. I used a specific cut in the front to create some shape and follow the curves of the body. I was going to use the striped material to fill in the sides, but there just wasn't enough of it. So I used some material from a white tshirt - creating a color-blocked affect! I pinned things down as I went along and adjusted the size to make it a perfect fit. And lastly, I sewed the raw edges around the arms to finish it off!



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    I love what you did... i like too to refashion clothes and remodel it... thanks alot

    Super CooL! From a plain look to a nice fitted looking shirt! Really nice. The head piece looks good with it too. I like the way it contours around your waist now. You are so creative Hollymann. Very pro looking! Nice pics! =)

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    Thank you so much PitStop! Thanks to instructables I am addicted to sewing and creating! And thanks for noticing the little details and the headband! :)

    Well you do a really great job at it. And I like how detailed your instructables are. And is true instructables can make anyone addictive to creating. I felt that way when I first found this site also, but lately I've been so busy with life that I haven't given too much time to do creative things that I usto do. I really need to get back to doing creative things like I use to! But right now I've actually been busy the last few weeks on a new project here at home giving the front yard of my house a new curve appeal! I'm cutting alot of the tall pines at the front that I have too many of, adding new concrete wall blocks for flower beds on the house, designing then building a pergula on a new sitting area that I'm also in the prossess of adding floor pavers made out of recycled concrete from an old patio that someone removed and adding a water feature to it. Plus add re-designing the front entrance and also installing new rain gutters all aound too. So these few weeks I will be really busy. I cant wait to see how it will all turn out! But enouth about me this is your instructable! =) Besides looking at all the great things people like you do and post at this site is not only fun to see but very inspiring to many too. Keep it up! ;)

    WOW! You better take pics of your progress - sounds like you are really busy with so many projects going on! They sound amazing! I want to know how it all turns out!!!! It sounds like a major front yard makeover! It seemed to take me forever just to do one project in my front yard - digging up a somewhat large area near the front porch (grass was already dead and soil totally dried out with lots of rocks in it from the river that used to be there). I had no roto tiller - so I dug everything up myself - just took a lot of long hours one week. Then I installed plastic edging..which I've never done before. Finally planted lots of flowers and I'm so glad it's done with! Turned out really nice - but some of the flowers died from rodents and slugs apparently eating them. Your project(s) sound so much more invasive! You should post some pics later!!!

    Thank you so much! I really am happy with how it turned out...I'm thinking of using it to make a pattern for future shirts and maybe dresses...

    LOVES! i have so many tees where i love the collar, but i hate the fit of the rest of the shirt. this is a great idea!

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    Thank you!!! Me too! Once you have created something that fits you - you can make a pattern out of it and the next time around it should be way faster to make more shirts too! I want to make more...:)