Picture of Tstal


1 1/2" X 1/8" flat bar

1/8" brazing rod

3/8" X 2" X 5" oak

5 minute epoxy coat

Good exterior varnish

Graph paper

Mate board

Painters tape

Two sided tape


1 1/4" fiber cutting disks

1X32 bench belt and disk sander and

Aluminum Oxide sandpaper (80 to at least 600 grit)

Bench vice

Black, white and lastly blue polishing compound

Center punch


Drill press

Drum sanding kit



French curves

High speed drill bits (1/8" and 1/2")

Palm sander


Rotary tool

Side cutters Clamps

Sisal, spiral sewn, and loose buffing wheels

Utility knife

Wood rasp

 Safety Equipment

Good respirator

Leather gloves

Safety glasses

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Step 1:

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First, plot out the blade and handle shape on graph paper. Draw it to actual-size.  When people see a knife, the first thing they see is the blade. Therefore, it should set the theme for the knife, and make the knife look great. Then transfer it to mate board, cut it out using a utility knife and hold it in your hand to see if it feels right; if not back to the drawing board.  This may take a few tries until you are satisfied.

Step 2:

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Now you are ready to make your knife.  Cover your metal in painters tape, lay the pattern on top and trace around it using a pencil.

Step 3:

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Start cutting our your knife. I cut out the pattern with a "Dremel" type rotary tool, using the fiber type cutting discs (the fiber discs last a lot longer than the cheap ones). Take your time, start at a slow speed until you have a grove cut, and then you can increase the speed.

I use a rotary tool rather than an angle or bench grinder, as you can get allot closer to your pattern, it do not tend to over-heat the material, and saves time cleaning up your knife.

Step 4:

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Finished cutting out the knife, now let's clean it up. I use a 1X32 belt sander and disk sander, plus a drum sanding kit on my drill press, and files.
bruce50001 year ago
good instructable greath knife thank.s
triumphman2 years ago
Hey, nice job! Now that's an instructable mate! Thank You!
WazIt (author)  triumphman2 years ago
Awesome knife! and I was always confused by the dremel but I get it now
WazIt (author)  Basement_Craftsman2 years ago
Thank you............it is always nice to know when someone gets help from instructions
Gregbot2 years ago
WOW! Thanks!
WazIt (author)  Gregbot2 years ago
Your welcome, any questions let me know