you need 1x 2-3 foot pipe

rocks that fit in pipe safety glasses

Step 1: Tape

tape a end of the pipe to stop a rock

Step 2: Add a Rock

add a rock to the untaped end of the gun

Step 3: Fireing

To fire the pipe gun take it in your right hand hold it at your heads height and swing it forward fast

and it will shoot a rock out the pipe.

it does take a lot of work to master the best I got was about 50 feet

good luck-legoboy10

vote for me in the summer fun contest and the trash to treasure contest and the outside contest

have fun!!!!

Step 4: Disclamer

I'm not responsible for damages property damages or misuse of weapon.

all injury to persons or living or intentional or accidental

<p>have fun</p>
<p>I just voted for you!</p>
<p>Very innovative, LegoBoy10!! I hope young people have fun trying this out!</p>

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Bio: I like legos I have a nxt robot I like nerf guns and tech stuff like Arduino and programing
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