Hey everyone:)
That wall-light is all over made of recyled material;cardboard tube..I made a cheap,shiny and environment-friendly lighting fixture and it's also not so difficult to make:)Let's take a look at the materials and steps..

Step 1: Materials Needed

1)12 cardboard tubes (radius=4)
2)2 m. led light
3)2 m. red cable
4)2 meter black cable
5)12 v. adaptor
6)Band saw
7)Spray dye
8)Some screws
9)A drill
10)Silicone gun
11)Wooden strip

i made one for my dad's b-day he did loooveee it!!
<p>i am so glad to hear this:)</p>
<p>we may consider using used toilter paper inside rolls, or paper towels for that matter, I have always thought of a use for these items, now I know.. :) there are so many in the garbage</p><p>also we can plant plants in the tubes !!</p>
<p>to plant the plants in tubes is a great idea, i like it:)</p>
I love your project, it looks awesome! I do have some questions though. Do you mean 4&quot;diameter or 4&quot;radius, which would make an 8&quot; tube. Also, did you string the led's through the tubes, or just punch them in the back where you needed them? <br>Thanks!
Thanks first of all and sorry for the late reply. i did with 4 cm radius tubes ,but you can use any size you want. It's hard to find tubes:) Leds are punched in the back of all the lines i cut. Because of not seen, i is enough to punch just specific lines.<br>Also you wont achive put your hand in whole the length of the tube:)
Its a Very Good Idea...looking good..
so good idia :)
thanks so much:)
&ccedil;ok g&uuml;zel &ccedil;alışma <br>
tesekkur ederim:)
g&uuml;zel iş
Very nice project...
Thanks so much:)
Very elegant, and simple.
thaks a lot:) yes it's really simple everyone can do it easly:)
Looks great!
Sehr gut :) Gl&uuml;ckw&uuml;nsche <br>
Danke Sch&ouml;n:))) <br>
that's so cooolll instructableee^^
thanks bugra:))))
hi zeynep , it is very creative idea , especially i like shape and form , also you thought a logo type , i think it s very important all design :)
thank u so much ismail:))))

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