This is a simple and safe plane that anyone can make.

Step 1: Finding the Center

Fold in half (corner A to D), then fold opposite corners together (corner B to C) to find the center (just pinch it there). This is important for getting the plane square.
I grab it where the staple is, and throw over hand with a flick using one finger. :)
<p>Me too</p>
<p>One of the best paper planes ever!!! Thanks for this tutorial!!!!</p>
Woops, I just uploaded an Instructable for this exact same plane. Minor technique variation: I learned to make it with a crossing crease, which both aids in getting the leading edge strip perfectly centered/straight, and forms the elevator incidence to the glide needs no adjustment, just fold, roll, and fly. Oh, and I find it doesn't require a staple to hold the loop closed... <br /> <br />https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Non-Spinning-Circular-Wing-Paper-Glider/
I throw them with my thumb on top and 1st finger on bottom. Hm.
Wasn't this posted before/ already...?
I couldn't find anything similar among the paper planes, but it is a very old design. A friends father who worked for United Airlines showed us how to make it back in the sixties. It's based on the engine cowling of one of those fangle new "jet" planes.
Bloody hell. I just started this same instructable yesterday and had it all written up. All I had to do was add photos, but you beat me to it. *cries*
Nice job! i love weird and wonderful designs!

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