An experimental musical instrument.

During the summer, I decided that I was going to build something, a musical instrument. Inspired by the blue man group's Monster tubulum, I decided to build a scaled-down version of it. This one features 2 octaves (25 notes) and has a very peculiar note arrangement (Any musician will find it interesting).

This video show the completed project, but if you guys like it, please let me know and i'll make a more detailed, step by step guide for it.

construction pictures and more videos on my website; http://www.emilianovalencia.com/tubulum

<p>What is the material that you used for the &quot;drum head&quot;. Looks interesting. Curious how hard it is. My three old loves drums and I am afraid he will bang right through it in sheer delight.</p>
<p>Would love to see a guide.</p>
Do an instructable please.
pretty interesting
thats very cool, I think you SHOULD make an instructable.. you already have 850 views so people must be interested!
Yes, I'm glad so many people are liking it, I think i will do it, as soon as I have some spare time.
do you have any documentation on the tube lengths and such? i checked your website out but didn't see anything referencing the lengths to get the notes. <br> <br>i typically make my dad a weird musical thing for christmas every year, and this looks like a winner
Hi, I have an excel document with all the calculations I did, it has no explanations but you will understand it easily. I broke the tube lengths into the various pieces, and assigned a unique number to each. Aditionally, you will notice that I didn't take into account the length of the elbows, I did this ON PURPOSE, so I could later tune it by trimming them with a table saw. I have just posted it on my webpage (on the very bottom) <br> <br>don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and it would be great if you did build one! just make sure to post pics of it and a video! <br> <br>Cheers

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