Introduction: Tubulum

An experimental musical instrument.

During the summer, I decided that I was going to build something, a musical instrument. Inspired by the blue man group's Monster tubulum, I decided to build a scaled-down version of it. This one features 2 octaves (25 notes) and has a very peculiar note arrangement (Any musician will find it interesting).

This video show the completed project, but if you guys like it, please let me know and i'll make a more detailed, step by step guide for it.

construction pictures and more videos on my website; http://www.emilianovalencia.com/tubulum



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    What is the material that you used for the "drum head". Looks interesting. Curious how hard it is. My three old loves drums and I am afraid he will bang right through it in sheer delight.

    Do an instructable please.

    pretty interesting

    thats very cool, I think you SHOULD make an instructable.. you already have 850 views so people must be interested!

    Yes, I'm glad so many people are liking it, I think i will do it, as soon as I have some spare time.

    do you have any documentation on the tube lengths and such? i checked your website out but didn't see anything referencing the lengths to get the notes.

    i typically make my dad a weird musical thing for christmas every year, and this looks like a winner

    Hi, I have an excel document with all the calculations I did, it has no explanations but you will understand it easily. I broke the tube lengths into the various pieces, and assigned a unique number to each. Aditionally, you will notice that I didn't take into account the length of the elbows, I did this ON PURPOSE, so I could later tune it by trimming them with a table saw. I have just posted it on my webpage (on the very bottom)

    don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and it would be great if you did build one! just make sure to post pics of it and a video!