Once the Spring starts, colorful flowers pop up all over and in Holland red tulips mark the season. Since nails form the perfect accessory to any outfit I decided to give it a Spring touch with this cute tulip nail art design. You can wear this versatile nail art design anyway you want and color block with vibrant colors. For this week’s nail art design look I paired a soft peach shade by Bourjois with a warm 185 Coral nail polish by KOH and finished the black lines with the Claire’s Nail Art Pen. For more click here http://www.pinkchocolatebreak.com/

<p>so easy an so nice</p>
i like how u do this noe is nice and beautiful
Thanks Jessy :D
ur welcome pink
it looks beautiful!
Thanks miss!
Thanks lady!! X
Oh my gosh that's so cute! It reminds me of stained glass!
Thanks penolopy! I didn't even look at it that way but you definitely could look at it like stained glass :D <br>xx Jocelina

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