Step 3: Try On, Make Adjustments, Add Elastic

Now you have a circle skirt of tulle-and-lining, with no elastic waist! This is when you should STOP and TRY IT ON. Mine ended up being a little tighter than I needed, so I had to cut some seam and make the hole wider so it would fit over my hips. If you do make adjustments, make sure you end up by having a complete seam line around the tulle and lining for the inner waist. 

Now you're going to sew your elastic. At this point the inside circle of your waistband may be longer than your elastic, and that is okay and how it should be!

I did not pin the elastic for this, because as you sew you're going to stretch the elastic. 

Leave a half inch or so of overhang on your elastic, and start sewing to the inside of your circle. Stop! You now have the elastic initially sewn in place. Now you're going to stretch the elastic over the tulle as you sew. Keep sewing the elastic around the inside of your circle, keeping it stretched the whole time. 

When you're done with this seam, you'll have elastic with open ends. Safety pin them together and try it on!  

Now sew the end pieces of elastic together. I did this by folding one end under and putting it on top of the other end, so there would be a smooth seam inside and out. 
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