Did you know chandeliers occur in nature? Thanks to the Fibonacci sequence you can easily find dead twigs and tumbleweeds with graduated tiers resembling a chandelier. With a little love and some tweaking you can easily have a sexy centerpiece to grace your dining room. Layer on some string LEDs and you've got a low energy light source as well!

Step 1: Tumbleweed Shopping

The best places I've found to go tumbleweed shopping are desolate fields such as the dairy land near my folks' house pictured below.
<p>I know what I'm gonna be looking for the next time I take my dog for a walk! ;)</p>
That's great. Question, though: had you considered wiring from the base of the branch down, and hanging the branch upside down? That would have looked great too!
Very inspiring. I will be attempting this in the near future :)
I'm revisiting your Instructable-have you hard wired the chandelier into the socket in the ceiling? If not, how do you turn it off and on?
Nice work!<br />
nice job, well done :D <br />
you can also paint it in white and make it stand in a vase with lights on.<br />
Hey! Most importantly.&nbsp; Your chandelier is fabulous!
Just thinking...I wonder if there might be brown tape that you could wrap the green wires in so that it blended with the wood?
&nbsp;In crafty stores that sell country type things, they sell brown wired string lights. &nbsp;I just bought some recently!
Wow!&nbsp; I live in a small town; the nearest craft store is an hour away, but&nbsp;I haven't seen them.&nbsp; Do you think I might find them at a larger store in a city?
Very cool idea. I like it a lot!
I have a lot of kool stuff I have made like this! I used mistletoe to make lamps & lights + table centrepieces & briar forest style hangers for crystals and coloured glass decorations. Even a tabletop Christmas tree for myself & for family. Thanks for your instructable. It is awesome!!
Super fun creation, excellent work and post ;)
oh wow! you are so cool. If i had a huge house with a very tall ceiling (like maybe perhaps near stairs) i'd do this on a larger scale with a crape myrtle! they're beautiful trees.
very nice :)
FIRST!!! This idea is awesome.

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