Introduction: Tumblr Collage Notebook

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Step 1: Pictures

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Go to tumblr ,or google, & look for pictures you want to use.

Step 2:

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Copy & paste the pictures you want onto Microsoft Word & resize them to how you want.

Step 3:

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Then print your pictures

Step 4: Things Needed for the Collage

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Paper | Scissors | Ruler | Glue | Printed Pictures | Notebook | Pen | Clear Tape |

Step 5:

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Cut the pictures anyway you want

Step 6:

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Cover the notebook in paper Arrange them in any way you want & glue

Step 7: Finishing Up

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Once the glue on the pictures is dried, use tape to protect the pictures. Done!


sd52 (author)2013-10-05

This is sweet I'm going to have to do this to all of my notebooks!!thanks

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