In order to decrease the risk of SIDS, babies are being laid on their backs to sleep. Because they spend so much time on their backs, babies also need "tummy time" daily to develop strong neck and arm muscles and learn to crawl. This quilt provides a safe, stimulating place for baby to develop and play. Finished size is about 36"x36".

Materials: 64 colorful fabric squares 4.5"x4.5", backing material 40"x40", quilt batting 40"x40", binding material cut into four 2"x40" strips.

Equipment: Sewing machine, iron, rotary cutter and mat, large safety pins, needle, thread.

Difficulty level: Easy to Medium.

Step 1: Lay Out Quilt

The 64 squares may be laid out in any design. When you are done, pick an end to be the top, and use sticky notes or bits of paper to label it with numbers.
My little sisters had tummy time to, and my mom actually called it tummy time to
FHS= flat head syndrome.(too much time on the baby's back causes the back of the head to actually flatten)&nbsp; I saw a poster about it at my doctor's office.&nbsp; It was from the Hospital For Sick Children in Ontario Canada.&nbsp; <strong>Supervised</strong> &quot;Tummy Time&quot; is strongly suggested.&nbsp; Your quilt is beautiful!
<a href="http://www.babycenter.com/0_plagiocephaly-flat-head-syndrome_1187981.bc" rel="nofollow">http://www.babycenter.com/0_plagiocephaly-flat-head-syndrome_1187981.bc</a><br /> <br /> Here is an interesting site about FHS.<br /> FHS is not just a cosmetic problem.&nbsp; It has neurological implications as well.
WONDERFUL INSTRUCTIONS!!! thanks!! I bought 360 6x6 flannel squares from ebay and I wasent sure how to put them together! Very helpful! janet
very bright fun fabrics for the baby to look at
Thanks! My son enjoys his.

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