This dish I so nice and super ezy to make. It should feed 2-3 people. If your feeding more people just add more Ingredients. The ingredients don't have to be exact mine never are.

Step 1: Ingreadiants

2 onions
2 cloves of garlic
Hand full ground of nuts (I used peanuts today)
Chilly powder or chopped up chillies
1/2 a pack or rice noodles (I used brown today)
Tuna in oil

A wok and a pot will be used

Step 2: Boil the Rice Noodles

Step 3: Chop the Onion and Garlic

Also crush the nuts if they aren't already

Step 4: Add the Tuna Oil to Wok

Step 5: Add Onion Garlic and Nuts

Let it cook intel it all browns

Step 6: Add Tuna and Chilly

Mix it round

Step 7: Add the Drains Rice

Mix it up and dish out
<p>This sounds really delicious! I make a <a href="http://wearychef.com/spicy-rice-noodle-recipe/" rel="nofollow">rice noodle dish</a> with shrimp and cabbage, but I'd really like to try your version with tuna. The nuts are a nice addition too, reminds me of pad thai, one of my favorite meals!</p>

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