Update:  I just finished uploading a YouTube video I took when I made my last rose.  It shows a new process I use for making the stem.  I now use a longer piece of 14 or 12 gauge copper wire folded in half.  I then twist them together which looks better, is stiffer, and provides a much more integrated look to the leaves.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3BZb2C8UwI

I was browsing the web looking for a quiet project to do while the kids were sleeping. I came across someone who made a metal rose using a Forge, anvil and hammer.  This was intended for blacksmiths so it didn't fit my Quiet need but when looking at the included template I noticed it was the same size as the Tuna lids I had just removed for lunch. hmm.... Here is the link to the original blacksmith post:  http://www.anvilfire.com/iForge/tutor/rose/top_index.htm I can't seem to find the template on that site anymore so i have attached the image I had saved a while ago. If it doesn't print properly, the largest piece #2 is the same size as the top of a tuna can.
List of tools needed.
Scissors to cut out the template
Scotch tape
Aviation snips or other tin-snips
long nose pliers
Hammer and small nail "same thickness as your wire"

List of materials needed
Printed Template
7 lids to tuna cans or other cans as long as they are all the same color.
12 gauge copper wire "i used a little extra I had from a wiring job I recently did."

Step 1: Cutout the Pieces

Cut out the template but ensure you leave the line to follow later.
Center the templates on the lids and tape them on with Scotch tape so you can see the lines.
     I had to tape them on the outside of the lid since the tape wouldn't stick to the inside.

I first tried using some old tin-snips I had but it left some ragged edges and made my hands pretty sore.  I finally spent some time digging around in my shed and found my Aviation shears.  these work SOOOO much better and you don't even have to file/sand the edges when you use these.

After you have all your pieces cutout, you need to punch a hole in the center of each with a nail.

<p>That vision thing: an asset you have in abundance. </p><p>Have you tried miniatures with railroad flattened pennies? I &quot;imagined&quot; what you have done a while back and railroaded the pennies. Now I gotta see if I have the patience to work at a scale that small.</p><p>Probably I will have to make each flattened penny a petal, with the stem hole near one end, but otherwise nest and curve and turn down tips as you have done.</p>
This is just fantastic! I have one question: what is the diameter of the can lid?
Thanks everyone, I didn't think this would be such a hit. I know my Wife liked it. The first one &quot;tall one in the center&quot; was her Valentines day present this year.
Simply awesome!
That's superb !
Good stuff!

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