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Introduction: Tunnel Book With Arduino

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This instruction suggests how to create an interactive tunnel book with electronic kit called Arduino Tunnel book is a kind of book arts in which each 4-5 pages are layers and give you three-dimensional feeling. LED lights will make this book more fancy, especially in the dark room.


Step 1: Materials

For making an interactive tunnel book, you will need some materials such as:

2 Paper Sheets for Concertinas: 5" x 12" each
6 card Stock Pages: 5" x 7" each
2 Arduino Unos
10 LEDs
Distance Sensor
2 9V Batteries
2 Battery Holders
Solder Iron

Step 2: Print & Crop Your Book

Design your pages with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and print it on letter size card stocks. You can also draw any pictures by your hand. Consider where you crop later.

After you crop all pages, you need to assemble all of them into concertinas with glue. Remember the order and don't shuffle your layers.
For more info about making tunnel books, go to https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Tunnel-Book/

Step 3: Code Your Arduino & Assemble It

You can find example code for blinking from Arduino example library. Be aware to match your code and pin numbers. LED will not blink If pin numbers in your code doesn't fit with Arduino Uno kit. Arduino must have be connected to your computer to transfer your code for blinking LEDs.

Wire should be need for extension of LEDs. It's impossible to put your LED into the book because LED's legs are too short. Get long wires and combine them to legs by soldering.

Step 4: Place Your LEDs

You can place your LEDs wherever you want to put. Location of LED will affect the mood of your pages.

Step 5: Demonstrate Your Book

Your book making is done. Enjoy this book. This book looks more adorable in the dark room.

To see how it works, go to the link and see my videos:



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