This instruction suggests how to create an interactive tunnel book with electronic kit called Arduino Tunnel book is a kind of book arts in which each 4-5 pages are layers and give you three-dimensional feeling. LED lights will make this book more fancy, especially in the dark room.


Step 1: Materials

For making an interactive tunnel book, you will need some materials such as:

2 Paper Sheets for Concertinas: 5" x 12" each
6 card Stock Pages: 5" x 7" each
2 Arduino Unos
10 LEDs
Distance Sensor
2 9V Batteries
2 Battery Holders
Solder Iron
<p>Great =D</p>
<p>waw,,, it's amazing...</p>
great... got my votes...
I like this idea. Nice job.
Any chance we could have a peek at the templates? Really interested in making one of these!
Did you draw these? You are a great artist either way! Can't believe how nice this looks
Absolutely beautiful! :D
Nice concept and idea!
nice so i will try to make this&hearts;
Nice Project. I would suggest putting in a frosted acryl plate and try some edge lighting ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Edge-Lit-Displays/ )
How fun! I just love that effect with the LED's!

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