Step 8: The Final Product

Picture of The Final Product

A turkey leg, munchkin stuffing, and mash browns, covered in coffee gravy.

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Our Reviews

Beth: The turDunkin' was largely delicious. It was a bit too salty. I think our kosher salt to normal salt conversion for the brine was off. The coolatta only penetrated the outer reaches of the white meat, but it was delicious and subtle in those places. The gravy was wrong (adds Alex: on every level). We should not have tried to boil beans in the gravy. We should have used coffee instead of vegetable stock. It had a good consistency, though. I am proud of my gravy consistency. The mashed browns were pretty good. Basic and potatoey. Anyway, I was very happy with the turkey, the glaze and sprinkles, and the stuffing. But then, I have always been a fan of combining sweet and savory things. I like chocolate on my pretzels and popcorn on my ice cream :)

Kristen: The coolatta flavor didn't penetrate the meat, but the turkey was deliciously moist.

Alex: While the first several bites were delicious, I quickly descended into a hell for the gluttonous that would be beyond the imaginings of pedestrians like Dante. That having been said I had several servings.

Random Commentary:

Dave: Instead of honey glaze, next time we should use jelly squeezed from jelly donuts. Then you'll have just a mound of squeezed jelly donuts.

Alex: They could be baked into a casserole.

As for the chocolate comment...

Many cultures in South America as well as Mexico use chocolate (unsweetened) in their cooking. I have had fantastic meals of chicken and beef done in a spicy chocolate.

Fruit is a compliment to many meat dishes, however I am not sure of the sprinkles.

I would like to try before doing a whole turkey; to see if i like it as I hate waste.

TendoQueen3 years ago
Oh, that's utterly fabulous. Hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving! :D
Exocetid3 years ago
Looks like something one would serve at a dinner party after a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture show. Or, perhaps a dinner for a bunch of police friends.

Frankly, I think the concept is great and I would love to try a plate if I did not have to make it ;-)