Introduction: TurbineOne V2 : Super Simple Wind Turbine You Can Make Now

Last year I made TurbineOne , a completely recycled material wind turbine. Actually it was so simple and easy to make. But it was also so fragile due to the fact that its hub was made of compact discs CDs. As you can see in the photo, strong wind in one day has cracked the hub leaving the blades unconnected. The project was very inspiring and motivational. I've learned new stuff.

This year I wanted to make something more durable. With Simplicity and Recycling in mind I came up with a new idea of making a wind turbine using ready made blades from an old fan. Here comes the concept idea behind TurbineOne V2.

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Step 1: Concept

I've tested making this turbine setup in one of my previous instructables. I wanted to make a quick test for the concept.

Of course, it was something obvious and very straight forward but I wanted to really make sure that the wind is able to rotate the fan blades and resist the high motor torque.

I was in doubt because the motor had high rotation torque resistance. So I tried it in this instructable.

It worked excellent even in slow wind. I was really surprised and it made me more motivated to finish this wind turbine setup.

Step 2: Components

Here are the components for this project , you can see that nearly all of them are recycled materials :

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This was the only new component I bought for this project.

Old steel groom --- This is the main pole for the wind turbine

Tie rap Amazon US , Amazon DE , Amazon FR, Amazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , eBay , Banggood , FlipKart India , Lazada Indonesia , Lazada Malaysia , aliexpress

Old CD-Rom player metal cover --- This is the directing rudder. For wind turbine automatic direction through all wind situations.

PET bottle ---- To cover and protect the motor against dust and water.

Some Wires

Step 3: Construction

Very simple construction.

First, make the cover of the motor using the PET bottle.

Cut the bottle in two halves and cover the motor with them. Use a solder iron to shrink the bottle around the motor.

Step 4: Install the Rudder

I wanted to make something new in this version so I've decided to install a directional rudder that can direct the wind turbine automatically.

In the previous version there were no rudder installed, so I had to adjust its direction everyday according to the wind direction.

I used an old CD drive cover as a rudder and connected it to the wind turbine using tie raps.

Installed the generator to the pole using tie raps around it.

Connect a long wire to the motor terminals.

Step 5: Test

Put the wind turbine pole on a high place where you can have enough wind to run your wind turbine.

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Michal Choma made it! (author)2017-07-16

use asc712 sensor for measuring current from turbine. Maximum current depend on what kind of sensor you buy, 5A, 20 A or 30 A.

TheThinker made it! (author)2017-07-11

How much power does it generate in various wind velocities?

ahmedebeed555 made it! (author)ahmedebeed5552017-07-11

Soon I'll publish power vs. wind speed data. Thank you.

merxth made it! (author)merxth2017-07-13

Thanks, looking forward to seeing your data.

Michal Choma made it! (author)Michal Choma2017-07-12

you must measure current and voltage at once, or use resistor of knowed value to calculate current. Basically power = current x voltage.

Michal Choma made it! (author)2017-07-12

what about connecting small LED with resistor to motor, to use energy, which you make? Or better connect just TP406... ( dont know exactly) battery charger, and battery. Your battery will be charged, and you can connect esp to battery. This project is nice, but cheap energy which you make, lose.

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