Turbo Cider (part 1)





Introduction: Turbo Cider (part 1)

This video shows you how to make turbo cider, a cider that is drinkable after a week or can be laid down in bottles as a sparkling cider too.

If you enjoy making things then visit the ecopunk website at http://www.ecopunk.org.uk



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    what a great project and reasonable to pay for too!

    thanks lot for this!

    Is the cider hard?

    Why do Americans call cider hard?

    Yes, it does contain alcohol.

    After all, that is what the yeast is for.

    At some point in the US, we started calling unfiltered apple juice "cider." Perhaps during Prohibition. So, we have to sometimes clarify whether someone is referring to unfiltered apple juice or to fermented apple juice, since over here "cider" can mean either one.

    In case you did actually want to know :)

    +1 We only call cider hard if it contains alcohol, otherwise, its just cider.

    In the rest of the world we call the alcoholic version, cider and the non-alcoholic, apple juice.

    We do not differentiate between types of apple juice.

    See we also have apple juice which is different from non-alcoholic cider. Apple juice in the US is very light in color. Like you can see here: http://www.howtolearn.com/HTL/media/apple-juice.jpg
    kids tend to drink this more than adults.
    Our non-alcoholic cider is much darker in color, and is served either hot or cold (like the alcoholic type) which you can see here:
    My state government actually defines them both, something you may find interesting. This link will take you to the definition(s):

    Also, there does tend to be a difference in taste. I hope that helps explain it a little better.

    I have been educationalised. Thank you.

    We have both types of juice here in the UK but they are both called apple juice.

    The packaging may have "from concentrate" which is clear or "pure" which is cloudy (and more expensive).

    Cider, or pure apple juice as you call it, seems to be more expensive wherever you are. I do like a glass of hot spiced cider (pure juice). If you can get the spiced stuff over there I highly recommend it. I live (relatively) close to several orchards and their fresh made spiced cider is amazing.

    I am surprised that you don't need to do anything to combat the preservatives they add to apple juice.

    I think I might just have to have a go at this...