Introduction: Turbo Cider (part 2)

This video (part 2 in the series) shows you how to "rac off" your cider into bottles for secondary fermentation of the still cider into sparkling cider.

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ecjones (author)2016-06-24

How long between brew and bottle? did you rack into a secondary in bewtween?

TheGoodLife (author)ecjones2016-06-24

Between one week and two.

I only rack into a secondary if I am going to make a clear sparkling cider.

Otherwise, it can be drunk straight after the first fermentation.

brucedenney (author)2010-10-04

You shouldn't need to stir up the sediment yeasts remain in suspension for ages and ages. I have left beer for 2-3 weeks after primary fermentation and racked off really clear liquid with no sign of yeast at all and fermentation still takes place in the bottle when it gets that extra bit of sugar, I am pretty sure after a week you will have no problem.

Have a go next time, the added benefit is less sediment which means more cider!

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