Turbo Thunder Knex Roller Coaster



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Introduction: Turbo Thunder Knex Roller Coaster

I built this because i had a really good idea of making the track go through a loop :-).



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    whats an ible
    oh and i almost got an awsome ball machine up and running i just need to do a couple more things and its done.

    awesome! an ible' is a short for "instructable"

    I will be making a ball machine with 4 paths but right now i am working on Screaming Serpent.

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    Do you mean, that you build it frome that instruction? (Between 4.5*)

    Screaming Serpent is from instructions but the ball machine will be custom.

    ah... Cant wait to see the ball machine! :)

    I will start on the ball machine today.

    ß) (try to make the eys)

    *took quite long to notice*

    Haha i really want to build a rollercoaster or ball machine but i cant cause my brother is building something now.

    oh... what is he building?

    I am not allowed to tell. Sorry:-)

    :( does he have a instrucables account?

    that can't bee! that would mean you couldn't build youre bm coz of dragon jewel (he already made a upedate)

    yup and he is also building some thing else that he just needs to do the supports.