Introduction: Turbo Cook Frozen Food!

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This is my method of preparing frozen food really fast.

I developed it for those lunch breaks, where I cycle home for lunch and thus need to cook and eat fast.

I usually do frozen dumplings with it although it works with most things such as frozen vegetables and even fries.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

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You need

  • A non-stick pan with a lid
  • Frozen food
  • Oil (I used olive oil)
  • Water
  • Seasonings

Step 2: Into the Pan!

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Add as much of the cookable item into the pan as you want to cook, add some water to the bottom depending on amount ( for this amount I covered about half of the pans bottom, if I'd heap them I'd add more, you'll get the feel for it quite fast ), I then seasoned it with some salt and pepper.

Step 3: Lid on and Cook!

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Put the lid on it and turn your stove to high

Step 4: Wait.

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The water starts to boil quite fast and cooks the food very fast, this step takes about 2-3 minutes, in some cases you want to lift the lid quickly and stir to avoid it sticking too much (you can do it in the next step too)

Step 5: Oil It Up and Fry

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Lift the lid and immediately pour some oil into it, I used about a third of what's pictured in the measuring cup.

stir and fry it until you have achieved your desired amount of crisp ( It's already steam cooked, all we are doing is adding texture ), If it stuck to the bottom it will very gently scrape off in this stage if you don't let it burn.

Alternatively make sauce, e.g pour some cream on it and a spoonful of pesto, and you have a really tasty and pretty looking sauce.

Step 6: Serve. Enjoy.

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This step is pretty self explanatory.


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