The turkey burgers I will be instructing you on how to make are inexpensive and very low fat. People that make these are usually dieters but I eat them every chance I get because they are quick, easy, and delicious!! I learned how to make them from  my mother when I was complaining about what to eat and she was only willing to make me what she was making for herself. When I saw the turkey burgers they did not look very promising to me but when she started cooking them the smell was overwhelming! I had to learn how to make them. So after I tasted the turkey burger, I had to have more! I hope you have the same reaction to these delicious turkey burgers as I did!

Step 1: The Items and Ingredients You Will Need to Make the Turkey Burger

You will need a small frying pan, spatula, Olive Oil cooking Spray, frozen turkey burger patty, a slce of Provolone Cheese, minced onions, garlic powder, Salt&Pepper, and one large or medium sized bowl.

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