Introduction: Turkey Cucumber Roll Up

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Have you been looking for a snack that is healthy, delicious, and easy?

Well, look no further my friend, I present to you the Cucumber & Turkey Roll-Up. So simple the name tells you the main ingredients. You could probably go and figure it out on your own, being so smart and all, but allow me to quickly show you my technique.

Step 1: Where'd I Put My Chef Hat?

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Here's what you'll need:


Cutting Board



Spicy Brown Mustard or any condiment of you choice. (Not required)

Step 2: Size Doesn't Matter, I Swear.

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First things first, cut the cucumber in half length-wise and then into quarters.

If one cucumber is longer than the other just cut it half, no big deal.

Step 3: Roll Up, Up, Up, and Away!

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Once you have placed your turkey on the board put a cucumber slice toward one of the ends and begin rolling.

When you reach about half way, squeeze some mustard before your next rotation, it will serve as a kind of glue keeping every thing together. As you continue rolling try and push the mustard along.

If you need to, put a drop of mustard at the end and finish up the roll.

And just like that you have made a cucumber & turkey roll up! Make a bunch and put them in some Tupperware in the fridge to eat later. Enjoy!


WALKEREN (author)2015-05-24

You write your instructable in such a cute, charming way!

jgarcia140 (author)2015-05-12

delicious and easy thanku! ?

Nice! This reminds me of one of my favorite childhood snacks which were deli turkey slices rolled up with mayo. These look like the grown up version :)

tomatoskins (author)2015-05-09

Simple and tasty! Thanks for sharing!

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