Thanksgiving, Christmas, the end of the year is not a good time to be a turkey.

It is a good time to be a Maker, though, as inspiration abounds.

So, I present a small model that you can use as a decoration, a place-marker, or as a simple gift your children can decorate and send, flat-pack, to relatives around the world.

Step 1: The Files

I used Joel's photo as a guide to draw a template in Inkscape, scaled for 3mm thick material.

I've attached the files here in several formats, so anybody with access to a laser cutter or a coping saw can make their own.

Step 2: Cutting and Construction

When you have cut out your pieces, construction is a simple mater of slotting together.

If you find your pieces are a little too snug, a few swipes with a needle file will sort you out.

Step 3: Family Fun

I like plain wood, but these turkeys are ripe for decoration - your younglings can draw, colour or paint the parts to decorate your homes.

If you have a family meal, you can use the birds as place-markers, drawing or engraving names on the tail.

Being slot-together, the decorated parts can also be safely sent "flat-packed" to distant relatives around the world...

<p>wow cute turkey decoration:)</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing this Mr. K. I like the design and will use it. Congrats on being finalist. </p><p>sunshiine~</p>
<p>Thank you, and thank you!</p>
<p>Welcome :) </p>
<p>Cute turkey decoration. And thanks for including the CAD files.</p>
<p>I always do - can't see the point if others can't reproduce it.</p>

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