Need to seperate the relatives to keep the family peace?  Look no further!  This instructable will show you how to make a sculpey (polymer clay) turkey place card holder that will not only be an adorable decoration but will keep your family from getting ruffled feathers.

Let's get started

Step 1: Materials Needed

Sculpey (or another Polymer Clay)
Tooth pick


Texturing tools
My instructable on fixing hard sculpey HERE
A sense of humor
Thanks, let's hope it helps keep the family peace. :)
Haha yeah i just got a new meber of mine!
Ah see place holders might be your answer!
Lol maybe she's literally just been born so i think it's just cuddeling time right now
LOL OOPS!!! Congrats!
Thanks but she's not mine..im 14 =/ it's my mum and dad's. <br>her name is Sylvia like Sunshiine =) cowincidence right?
Still always exciting to have new little people around :)
That looks great!
Creative idea! <br>
Many thanks!
That is really cute! I love it!
Why thank you!
When you say to use a brush and baby oil to get rid of lines and finger prints, is that before or after you cook the clay? I've never liked the finger prints in my polymer clay stuff, but didn't know how to get rid of them. <br> <br>Also, when you bake the clay for an hour, is it more brittle (crumbly)? I've forgotten to set a timer before and ended up with crumbly clay, but that was at regular temperatures. <br> <br>Cool turkey, by the way!
Great questions! Use the brush and the baby oil before you bake. As for the time, it won't get more crumbly, but make sure it's 10 degrees cooler than the temp says on the box. Another way to get a really hard bake is to use the directions on the box but do not remove the clay until the oven is back down to room temp. <br> <br>I recently over cooked clay, boy oh boy is that a mess! I tend to use a little toaster oven vs a full oven, which is fine but when you goof up the temps things go very bad. LOL I am working on an instructable on how to fix that issue. :) <br> <br>Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions.

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