Step 5: Stick Out Your Neck!

Picture of Stick Out Your Neck!
It is safe to say at any family gathering someone might lose their head.  This is why place card holders are handy.  Now, let's not forget that for the time being your turkey needs it's neck.

Take your last brown ball and roll it into a coil.  Take the end of the coil and fold it back onto itself, this will make the head.  Smooth the head together. 

Give your neck a sight S curve.  With your toothpick poke a hole in the middle of the face.  Roll out yellow, orange, or yellow orange clay for a beak then push it into the hole you just created.  Think of one end like a point and the other end of the beak like a peg, put the peg in the hole.  Then attach that awesome head to the body.