Picture of Turkey Skeleton Wall Trophy Decoration
I was shopping at a local store looking for some cheap decorations when I noticed that it was a jumble of Halloween and Thanksgiving, it sparked my interest and gave me the idea to smash the 2 together, and make the Turkey Skeleton of Thanksgivings Past. I spent a very very long time doing the 3-d modeling, prototype building, and antiquing sooooo I took me around a whole 15 hours of time in total to finish this project. 

The Pattern (which can be bought buy) <---- and if you share you get 50 % off
Cutting mat
exacto knife and some blades
card stock 65.lbs or 110lbs (i use 65 but 110 is a bit stiffer and a little bit better for painting its all just preference)
Glue of choice(i use supper glue which is kinda stupid but i have no patience for dry times but regular stick glue works good to) 
printer to print out the pattern
Spray paint (again your choice of brand and colors if u choose to add color)
Matte Acrylic finish spray ( it makes the paper easier to paint)

Step 1: Modeling

Picture of Modeling
SketchUp 2012-11-14 01-23-09-87.jpg
SketchUp 2012-11-14 00-59-22-40.jpg
Dwm 2012-11-13 22-28-20-19.jpg
SketchUp 2012-11-14 00-48-14-59.jpg
SketchUp 2012-11-14 00-59-19-56.jpg
These are just a few snap shots of the modeling none are in order just showing the finished part of the most time consuming piece, the neck, and how I used Google sketch up to make my own paper craft. If you try to make your own I found exporting it as a .dae is the easiest to work with in pepakura  but it's still a bit wonky.
poofrabbit2 years ago
This is pretty sweet!