Step 5: Lifting the Can

Let the bird cook until the coals are completely burnt and almost cool. You will need oven mitts to lift the can, but the coals should not be hot. Be careful when lifting the can, make sure to lift dircetly up so the coals/ashes do not get on the bird. Once evenyone gets a good look at your masterpiece take it off the rod and carve that baby.

I hope you enjoy and let me know if you make your own. Be safe and have fun!

- Jake C.

P.S. This was my first shot at posing so any/all comments are appreciated.
<p>I hope you do not use a new can without pre burning all of the galvanize off first. Using a new can could be potentially be unsafe as the galvanize material has chemicals in it.</p>
<p>I had a friend come over and cook a turkey in a trash can years ago, and it was one of the most beautiful turkeys I have ever seen. Really cool for sure. I don't know if I will be able to find pictures but I know we took some. </p><p>We cooked it in the garage on a concrete floor, so no grass to kill. The other thing we did was use a couple of bricks and a grill grate to keep it off the ground (same difference).</p><p>I rarely ever agree with the safety ninnies, but in this case I would absolutely say you need to burn off the galvanization. Otherwise rock on!</p>
i make these turkeys with the boy scouts all the time. the come out perfectly juicy and tender every time. if you guys have the space to try it i highly recommend it. BTW great instructable!
Awesome! I hope to try this when I have my very own yard I can destroy, or find someone else who's yard I can destroy.
That is an incredible way to cook - And I guess everyone could sit around to keep warm while the bird cooks.....<br>Can you reuse the can once you've washed it, or does it get destroyed?<br><br>Yep, slightly mad, but incredible!
Reminds me of 'Hay bail' chicken (chicken under metal pail, cover with bail of hay, burn and eat). Does the smoke from the wood chips do a lot for the bird? Step 3 is a little unclear to me but the picture seems to explain it- unless the picture leaves something out? Any concerns about heating the galvanized can?
The wood chips did seem to add another layer of slight flavor, but they say if you cook on top of different types of grass/ground it can differ too. <br> <br>If you are worried about the cans you can burn a smaller fire on/in the can before cooking to remove any coatings/chemicals before cooking. Just make sure you wash it VERY well because some are shipped with a thin oil coating. <br>
Thanks. Nice 'ible BTW!
Thanks for posting this! This is how my family cooked the turkey every year before we moved north. Makes the best turkey. It always came out perfect and moist.
burning the galvanized trash can will infuse the turkey with heavy metals, the galvanization must be fully burned off with a long hot fire before it would be safe to consider using
Just checking for safety- are those stainless steel cans? Burning galvanized steel produces toxic fumes.
Very nice I will be trying this very soon.
If you do try to post some pictures!
How long does this take to cook?
It takes about 1.5-2 hours, once the coals are cool you're okay. With both of our birds we left the &quot;cooking&quot; sensers in them and they were both confirmed done when we lifed the cans.
If you keep cooking like that...the girls will be following around.
I like this!
I have never seen a turkey cooked this way - seems just crazy enough to work! :D

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