Turkey kru-dEE-tA with Yam-mus!


Step 3: Pull it together...

Picture of Pull it together...
In order to build the "cape" of the turkey, start with the the bottom end of the turkey's body and lay a row of vegetables across the platter so that these "tail feathers" fan out toward the side of the platter. 

The next rows are laid out similarly, and overlap the prior row by about 1-2".  By using the prior row to support the current row, the turkey's cape gets taller and wider.  The photos illustrate the following additions:  Green Beans, Red Pepper, Celery, Carrot, Yellow Squash/Cucumber with Red Pepper head.

Since the last row of vegetables are to represent the "nape" of the turkey's neck, be sure to leave some room for the bowl of hummus, which also supports the turkey's "head".  For a more realistic effect, consider using a bowl that is slightly larger than the bottom portion of the red pepper and is also in proportion to the "feathers" on the serving tray.