Step 4: Gobble Bobble Head Final Thoughts...

  • With the widest section of an oval platter located in the center of the plate, plan to fill in that area with an inexpensive vegetable(s) or one that you have cut too much of.
  • The number and variety of vegetables will determine how large of a platter you will need. My platter was 18" and it wasn't until I was close to the last row that I realized there wouldn't be space for the green pepper slices.  (Oh well, with so many veggies, they were never missed)
  • The head of my "turkey" rests on a one-cup bowl of hummus.  By having a bowl that is only slightly larger than the head (bottom portion of the red pepper) means the hummus will need to be refilled more often than if a larger bowl is used.  However, by filling several 1-cup bowls in advance, the icky empty bowl can be easily removed and replaced with a new/fresh bowl as needed. 
  • Play around to create Tom's expression and don't forget to add a dangling waddle. You will find some peppers have 3 rounded curves on the bottom and other with 4.  Olive slices were used for the eyes, but any vegetable can be trimmed for expression.
  • Even if dinner is served on time and the veggie tray isn't consumed, it is a welcomed reprieve after having several days of turkey leftovers.  Vegetable stir-fry is one of the quickest meals to cook and with the hardest part (preparing vegetables) already completed, it will certainly hit the spot when you are back to craving real food!
So fun! What a great display.

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