Picture of Turks Head Flashlight
This is a great knot to cover any sort of handle.
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Step 1: Videos Make Easy Learnings

Picture of Videos Make Easy Learnings
I learned how to tie this knot with a great video on YouTube. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=23QHRwe6Lxs Sry fellas. To lazy for the play by play

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
Hollow/Swedish fid Knife Marlinespike

Step 3: Lanyard

Picture of Lanyard
photo-2013-08-28 5:59 PM.jpg
I added a simple Chinese button knot for a lanyard which can be found in the ABOK as #787 and just attached it with a key ring for this one. Using the line from the Turks head works fairly well also.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

Picture of Finishing Touch
I like finishing up the knot with a little imperfection. Tells you where the knot starts and ends at the same time. I just gave the last bight four plies then tucked each of the working ends under the next TWO bights
wilgubeast1 year ago
To embed the video you learned from, you should be able to directly edit the html by clicking "Source" on the editor toolbar when you're editing Step 1. Then just paste the embed code from Youtube (in the Share options) into the source html for the step. It'll have an iframe and will look cleaner than just a naked link.

I think what misressdominastar is looking for is some explanation of the design considerations that went into creating each specific tool you have displayed here, particularly the flashlight that you covered with the Turk's head style weave. More why and how, or if you're going to defer to the video on the "how", an explanation of the troubles you might run into over the course of making something like this and how to surmount them.

The work looks good, but the instructions could use some work. You're not far away from something pretty good, but you'll have to apply some effort in the documentation. It can't be that much more tedious than a series of loops and leads and bights, right?
This is nice but not what I would call an instructable. It needs to instruct can you do instructions on how to do this?