This is the finished project. A bottle decorated with three Turks Head Knots. There are only three knots on this bottle. The RED and the BLUE knots are each a 20 Bight by 3 Lead Turks Head Knots. The WHITE knot is a 20 Bight by 19 Lead Turks Head Knot.

Step 1: Supplies

Cord: Lots and Lots of cord... I cant tell you how much, each bottle is different
Bottle: Washed and Dried, inside and out. Make sure to remove all water spots
Threaded Needle: Cord screws into the threads at the base of the needle
Pegs: I use brass rivets, used as a map to tie the Turks Head Knots
Hole Punch: Used to punch holes in the painters tape to hold the pegs
Painters Tape: To hold the pegs in place, and to make your map for the Turks Head Knots
Marker: To write on the painters tape
Cloth Towel: To remove finger prints and dirt from your bottle
Krazy Glue or Super Glue: This is used to secure the knots in place to the bottle

I use the Turks Head Cookbook from KnotTool.com

cool...always admire people having the patience to do something like that....wow

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