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Introduction: Turmeric Rice Recipe - a Brown Rice Pilaf - Hissingcooker.com

Turmeric Rice Recipe - A Brown Rice Pilaf.

Turmeric pilaf or fried rice. Call it whatever you want.

Of late we have been making a lot of curries. Pairing them with a garden variety flat bread or plain rice is monotonous. This is when recipes such as the turmeric rice fetch a refreshing change.

We ate this with chicken xacuti. You do not have to do the same. Choose a curry of your choice from our blog or YouTube channel. Our repository of curries is slowly expanding.

For now check out the links below,

Veg Curries – http://hissingcooker.com/veg-recipes/curry/

Meat Curries – http://hissingcooker.com/meat-recipes/curry-meat-...

Our turmeric rice recipe yields 3 servings, with 272 kilocalories in each.

For detailed measurements & instructions, visit : http://hissingcooker.com/turmeric-rice-recipe-bro...

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Turmeric is used as an inexpensive way to treat Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

The oil present in brown rice lowers bad cholesterol.

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