Here's some cotton yarn that I dyed using the instructions on the Lion Brand site:


It was very easy and fun, and you don't have to worry about any nasty chemicals!

Turmeric is only one natural dye to try. Others are beet juice, indigo, and woad. There is also a book called "Mushrooms for Color" about how to get fungal dyes, by Miriam Rice.
Thanks for the tip! I got a natural dye book this summer and can't wait to try these! I was not aware of the Mushrooms for Color book; my book did not mention it, at least the parts of it I have read so far.
Great dye job! Looks awesome!
This looks cool! I MIGHT try this, my aunt is crazy at this stuff!
That color is <em>gorgeous</em>! <br/>I'm bookmarking this one to try, thanks.<br/>

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