Turn 2.5" Ata Hard Drive to PC


Introduction: Turn 2.5" Ata Hard Drive to PC

this is tutorial video to turn 2.5" ata hD to PC. sorry for language.



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    Having traveled as an Engineer for a computer company, way back in the days of main-frames when micro-processors were cute 8 bit toys, I find this a creative solution for when there isn't a computer supply store within a thousand miles and a bootable disk drive is needed right NOW. Carry on, Dude; a first class job of "Artificer-ing". Sometimes ya gotta make do with "make do" solutions. Mr Bi11 (retired FE)

    i think the title should be convert a 2.5-inch PATA HDD connection into standard PATA connection for regular motherboards or something like that. secondly, it is cheaper to buy a converter for the drive and use it rather than do soldering and spoil the hard drive's connector. lastly, converting a PATA 2.5-inch hdd into USB can cost as little as 4 $. the kit is sheaper than this pain. Sorry dude, i dont buy this trick.

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    Agreed on the title thing, "Turn 2.5" ata hard drive to PC" really doesn't make any sense.


    Looking at the "wiring horror" in the thumbnail for this instructable, I'd be amazed if it worked, ATA wiring is not very tolerant to a rats-nest of green wire like that :)