this is tutorial video to turn 2.5" ata hD to PC. sorry for language.
Having traveled as an Engineer for a computer company, way back in the days of main-frames when micro-processors were cute 8 bit toys, I find this a creative solution for when there isn't a computer supply store within a thousand miles and a bootable disk drive is needed right NOW. Carry on, Dude; a first class job of "Artificer-ing". Sometimes ya gotta make do with "make do" solutions. Mr Bi11 (retired FE)
i think the title should be convert a 2.5-inch PATA HDD connection into standard PATA connection for regular motherboards or something like that. secondly, it is cheaper to buy a converter for the drive and use it rather than do soldering and spoil the hard drive's connector. lastly, converting a PATA 2.5-inch hdd into USB can cost as little as 4 $. the kit is sheaper than this pain. Sorry dude, i dont buy this trick. <br> <br> <br> <br>
Agreed on the title thing, &quot;Turn 2.5&quot; ata hard drive to PC&quot; really doesn't make any sense.
Looking at the &quot;wiring horror&quot; in the thumbnail for this instructable, I'd be amazed if it worked, ATA wiring is not very tolerant to a rats-nest of green wire like that :)

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