Introduction: Turn a Christmas Ball Into a Pokéball

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It's Christmas again, since my tree is boring looking, I've decided to spice it up a bit by turning one of my Christmas balls into a Pokeball.

Step 1: The Stuff

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- White Paper

- Black Paper

- Tape

- A pencil

- and the most important part, the Christmas Ball

Step 2: The White Part

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To start, simply cover the bottom part with white paper. It'll be a bit wrinkled due to the paper but don't worry. Once satisfied, tape it securely.

Step 3: The Black & Activater

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Fold the black paper a bit, then cut it out to make the strip of the Pokeball. Fig. 1

Wrap it around the middle of the ball, covering a bit of the white & red. Then tape it. Draw a black circle, cut it out, then tape it. Fig. 2

Draw a white circle slightly smaller than the black circle, then draw a smaller circle on it. When you've done that, cut it out and tape it. Fig. 3

Step 4: Finished!

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Well done! We've finished it. Now all that's left is to hang it on the tree & possibly make more.

Happy Holidays!


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Bio: I am a big video gamer, and I love creating things out of anything usable
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