Very simple life hack.

Step 1: Put AAA Batteries Into Slot in the Correct Position

Step 2: Fold a Piece of Tinfoil Tight Enough to Squeeze Between the Battery and the Terminal

Step 3: ALL DONE! Easy Peezy

<p>now that is way cool. I learned something today... im trying to make a adult toy run on AAA .the other ran off a AA . the twitch that I have (AAA) it came off a AD bullet. it has different speeds on it. I am trying to make all this one to run. Can you help out here. That would be so nice if you did. </p>
<p>and wonder why your device lasts 3 times shorter than normally ;) But still great idea :D Especially when you don't have AA batteries ;)</p>
<p>Great hack! You should use your own images so you can enter contests!</p>
<p>This wins the award for the &quot;WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!&quot;</p><p>Clever. And yes, Easy Peezy!</p>