Turn Any Door Into a Shoe Rack





Introduction: Turn Any Door Into a Shoe Rack

This instructable is basically improvising/replacing those traditional, pricy shoe racks that hang on the door. I would say that ALMOST ALL people(80%) have the tools and materials needed for this project lying around their house. I'll save the long story of birth of my idea, unless you're curious. Great since it doesn't take up any closet space, because... well, it's right on your door! 1st instructable by the way! Very simple to do, perfect for the ladies & shoe lovers!!

Step 1: Materials You Will Need:

-a sharpie/writing utensil
-clear plastic tape/staple gun
-a ruler
And a door(s) and shoes obviously.

Step 2: Select Shoes & Cut Cardboard

Now just draw a straight line across the cardboard using your ruler, cut, and then put the cardboard evenly across your shoes, make sure there is a tight fit, but loose enough to take out the shoe easily. You can adjust by simply cutting the cardboard smaller until you have the perfect fit.

Step 3: Tape

Put 2 layers of tape per rack, big or small depending on the shoe size on each side.

Step 4: Finished!!

How simple was that?! Now just do this for any and every door you want, add/subtract as many as you need. When you get new shoes, make an extra one, get tired of it, simply tear it off the door. You probably just saved $20!! Plus tax for each rack!
And for those of us, like me...that dont like the ghetto cardboard look& simply decorate the racks or print out designs to tape over it. The best thing, just throw a nice curtain over the door thatll cover the shoes, which is what I do. Plus the curtain will keep a clean houses worst enemy from the shoes...DUST! Works best if you have those doors with windows on the top half like mine(so there is a reason for the curtain to be there).



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    10 Discussions

    awesome.  used this as inspiration to attach small boxes to one big box.  now i have a floating shoe rack made entirely of cardboard, and tape!

    1 reply

    Mmmmh this is a good idea indeed. I don't have space on my door but I have some cardboard...Thanks for the idea :D

    Not a bad idea when i get back to school i will o this professionally with acyrilc And a strip heater

    GREAT instructable! Another, "Why didn't I think of that?!" moment. I have an issue with the cardboard look, so I covered mine with silver contact paper. What is that VERY cool looking round spokey thing, and what are you using it for?

    1 reply

    Oh haha, the "round spokey thing" is just the divider that came off my dart board that was cut out of the picture... too lazy to fix it,so I just put it there to hang miscellaneous stuff(socks, curtain ropes...) haha. Yeah, good job... pretty simple right? And you can always decorate and redecorate them to your liking.

    Glad you like it! Your welcome =]
    If your shoes are too heavy try using a staple gun on the 2 edges holding it up.
    Tell me how it goes. =)
    -Gabriel Chow

    No matter how much tape I put on it I could not get it to stay up. The staple gun is a good idea...

    What type of shoes are you using/how heavy are they? Being too heavy will make the tape gradually peel off. The staple gun is guaranteed to work!