Turn Any PS2 Contoller Into An Ipod Nano Stand!

Picture of Turn Any PS2 Contoller Into An Ipod Nano Stand!
Got an old PS2 controller? Make It Into a Ipod Nano Stand!

It's quite self explantory, thats why theres not many instructions.

This is just something that took me one evening, but it looks quite good.

Im not gunna pay for a new ipod for you if you hurt it while doing this.

Sorry For The Bad Quality Pictures, Did't Realize They Where Bad Till I Looked At Them On My PC!
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Step 1: What You Will Need From The Garden Shed!

Picture of What You Will Need From The Garden Shed!
  • A PS2 Contoller
  • Ipod Nano
  • Soldering Iron
  • File
  • Screw Driver

Step 2: Disect!

Picture of Disect!
Take Apart The Contoller!

Step 3: Put A Hole In It!

Picture of Put A Hole In It!
Mark where you need to make the hole. Then use something to cut through it! I used a soldering iron, then I sanded it down with a File l. I also put a bit of masking tape in the corners because it was making my ipod all mucky.

You don't have to watch the full vid but you know... just so you get the idea...

Step 4: Put Together!

Picture of Put Together!
Put all the electronics back together. You may have to remove some things to make it go back together.

Step 5: Your Finished!

Picture of Your Finished!
Slot your Ipod in, grab a cuppa and admire your hard work.

  • Things extra you could do:

- Make A hole to put a earphone conector in/data cable

chevy625 years ago
cool i am making one out of a ps2 controller. do the analog sticks move? or are they glued down. because mine are. I Rate 5.0 Please check knex suspension bugggy by chevy62
poparoo4 (author)  chevy625 years ago
 They move a little bit but not properly because I had to murder the circuit board to get it to all fit back together.

Ps thanks for subscribing and il check you ibles out sraight away
Have you looked at my truck yet and please subscirbe on my knex suspension buggy
Solderguy5 years ago
That hole is really messy. You should buy a dremel.