Turn Arduino Into USB to TTL Adapter With 1 Wire





Introduction: Turn Arduino Into USB to TTL Adapter With 1 Wire

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A standard Arduino includes a USB to TTL chip
so we can make it as a adapter

Step 1: One Thing You Have to Do

what we have to do is to plug one wire between RESET & GND

easy, dosen't it?

Now, you can use RX (pin 0) and TX (pin1) to communcate~~

Step 2: How It Works?

after you plug the wire,
this change the MCU into "Reset Mode"
so now only  FTDI chip work on your arduino board!!



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    6 Discussions

    Did it on a arduino nano. no pictures though

    Do not work with uno r3 (no FTDI chip ?). Works with arduino mega and two serial port, one recebing and sending to native USART serial (pins 0 and 1).

    Trying to do this with a DFRDuino and it does not seem to allow me to program an Arduino Pro Mini

    1 reply

    you have to remove the atmega microcontroller to program an Arduino mini or minipro with a bigger one and use 0 and 1 pins (Tx, Rx)