A standard Arduino includes a USB to TTL chip
so we can make it as a adapter

Step 1: One Thing You Have to Do

what we have to do is to plug one wire between RESET & GND

easy, dosen't it?

Now, you can use RX (pin 0) and TX (pin1) to communcate~~

Step 2: How It Works?

after you plug the wire,
this change the MCU into "Reset Mode"
so now only  FTDI chip work on your arduino board!!

<p>can i use this board in the same way?<br>new to arduino</p>
yes i think.<br>
<p>Did it on a arduino nano. no pictures though</p>
<p>Do not work with uno r3 (no FTDI chip ?). Works with arduino mega and two serial port, one recebing and sending to native USART serial (pins 0 and 1).</p>
<p>Trying to do this with a DFRDuino and it does not seem to allow me to program an Arduino Pro Mini</p>
<p>you have to remove the atmega microcontroller to program an Arduino mini or minipro with a bigger one and use 0 and 1 pins (Tx, Rx)</p>

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