Turn Child's Artwork into a Plush Toy!

It's so much fun for children to see their funny little artwork into a real toy!

Plus, this one has his own little voice recorded in it!

"I'm going to get you! Roarrrr!"

Step 1: Supplies!

So the first step is simple.

Go through that pile of drawings by your child...or get some paper and colored pencils and ask them to draw something!

Then buy about 12 inches of fleece in each color.
We used Orange, blue, yellow, black and white.

You will also need:

Cotton batting
Sewing machine

Embroidery floss and needle

Electronic voice recorder

<p>When your child gets to old to play with your creation, be sure you grab it and store it away for your grandchild. If you can, save the original drawing too. It will make for some great family stories.</p>
<p>So cute and you did such an awesome job recreating it :)</p>
Very cool idea! Love using your kid's design!

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