Picture of Turn Copper Pennies Gold and Silver Pennies!
In this experiment you take well cleaned pennies and turn them into pennies that are gold and silver! Extraordinary! However this experiment requires chemicals that are approximately $8-$10 and you need two of these chemicals. However, some of the materials you may not have such as a hot plate are a bit costly, and when I mean costly I mean like $300! When you have your result it should look completely different and unique so please continue with this experiment!

Step 1: The Materials!

Picture of The Materials!
hot plate.jpg
These materials are chemicals that you can find at chemistry stores and some of these materials are everyday items. They are:

-Two small beakers(50ml, and 250ml)
-Hot Plate
-Zinc Sulfate, 100g
-Zinc Metal, Mossy, 100g
-Glass Stir Rod
-Tap Water
-Copper Pennies, Well Cleaned
PianoMan98752 months ago
Tried heating up a penny in the microwave when my parents weren't looking in hopes of a golden penny...

Didn't work out so well xD
ualbuquerque11 months ago

is real gold?

kymyst1 year ago

Why would you need a $ 300 hotplate to do this, a kitchen electric stove hotplate will do the job.

tdawg13102 (author)  kymyst1 year ago

True, I should edit that.

temery1 year ago
Can you still spend them?
tdawg13102 (author)  temery1 year ago

Yes you can still spend them.