Turn Hand Drawings and Patterns into Laser Cut Fabrics for Custom Fit Fashion, Haute Couture, Garment Patterns, Fiber and Fine Art.


  • Start with ideas from your imagination, find images or textures to trace over, or pick images that you’d like to start with
  • Make a hand drawing in black marker or create a vector drawing
  • Scan @ 300 DPI if hand drawing
  • Scale drawing to fit on body or pattern pieces or skip this step and drape pattern afterwards
  • Fit pieces to laser cutter bed size
  • Open drawings in Illustrator and vectorize to .001
  • Set and test settings for laser cutting fabric
  • Export design to laser cutter & laser cut
  • Present laser cut fabric as is or make into garment or sculpture if desired

Step 1: Getting Pattern Inspiration

If you have an idea of a drawing that you'd like to laser cut then you already have the inspiration. If not and you are looking for pattern inspiration,
look around – what inspires you?

What catches your eye?

What patterns do you find fascinating?

I took a break while writing this Instructable to take a walk on the beach and found these patterns in nature intriguing - inspiration is all around! It can be found perusing books or online - I know a number of artists who have used images from Nasa's free photo library or you could do something like googling "op art", "patterns found in nature", or "art deco jewelry patterns" for example.

<p>Oh! What an great art work! Thank you Amy for sharing this with excellent instructions! </p>
<p>Great work and thanks for sharing the all creative process, very interesting.</p>
<p>simplement magnifique tout particuli&egrave;rement la d&eacute;marche de vos recherches. Un vrai travail artistique. Merci de ravir nos sens.</p>
Ooh the possibilities! Gosh, I really think I need a laser cutter now. Thanks for sharing!

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