Turn Gift Wrapping Paper Into Wall Art





Introduction: Turn Gift Wrapping Paper Into Wall Art

Decorating doesn't have to be expensive. When a little creativity, gift wrapping paper and art supplies, you have everything you need to create quick inexpensive wall art.

Gift wrapping ($2.99 in the Checkout Aisle @ Homegoods)





Acrylic paints (Like this: FolkArt Acrylic Paint)

Frames (Like these $2 frames from IKEA)

Step 1: Set Up Work Space

Make your gift wrapping and paint color selections. I'm making two wall art pieces that will go side by side. So I am using complimentary gift wrapping and colors.

Step 2: "Dream Big"

Roll out the gift wrapping paper onto the cardboard backing that comes with the frame.

Cut and tape in place.

For the 1st painting I am white washing the area where I am placing the words.

"Dream Big" is the phrase of choice. Feel free to use what ever phrase you desire. Dream is written free hand.

For the word Big I used Stencils. Touch up and highlight with the paint of choice. I used metallic paint and markers.

Touch up and highlight with the paint of choice. I used metallic paint and markers.

Step 3: "Love"

For the 2nd art piece tape to the cardboard backing of the frame, like with the 1st painting.

Fold similar to wrapping a present.

Draw with a pencil the heart and the word love.

There is no way to mess this up. You are not aiming for perfection. The goal is to just spell "love" correctly.

Using Metallic paint brush the paint onto the gift wrap. The pencil markings should still come through.

Paint over the lines. This is an imperfect perfect heart, like love.

Once the paint dries outline your pencil drawing with a black sharpie. Feel free to dress it up with little dots all around the heart.

Step 4: TAH -DAHHH!!!


Enjoy and hang with Care!

For more information on this project and to find more interesting DIYs head over to ToolBox Divas.



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    And since I'm kind of an idiot with terms, how do you "whitewash" wrapping paper?

    Thanks for your response...

    I've framed Christmas paper for Christmas decorations, but always focused on the frame rather than working on the paper. This is really pretty. Thanks!

    Beautiful! Great project to make with wrapping paper...

    Thank you! I glad you enjoyed it!

    look nice

    Really Good And Easy make That.Thanks for Sharing That Projects.