Turn Lead Into Gold, With Modern Alchemy





Introduction: Turn Lead Into Gold, With Modern Alchemy

Here is my video on how to do this is you don't wanna read it.

Step 1: Step 1: Respect the Chemicals

CAREFUL: If you are not somewhat skilled in chemistry I recommend you NOT attempt this. It is quite toxic, and I don't recommend anyone try it. This is downright nasty stuff, I can't say it enough, just watch the video for fun!

Step 2: Step 2: Seriously, Respect Them.

Step 3: Okay, Good. First What You Need!


Lead Nitrate (also nasty)

Potassium Iodide

Baking Soda

Step 4: Mix the Reagents

Once mixed, it looks like cheese.

Step 5: Heat the Solution to 100C

It should go clear, but if you see this, it is not a saturated solution, and you should increase the heat, OR add more water.

Step 6: While It Cools, It Does a Very, Cool 'golden Rain' Effect

Step 7: Filter It, and Let It Dry for 2ish Days

Filter with coffee filters, using gravity, or attempt a vacuum filtration with an extremely fine frit, or a buchner funnel.

Step 8: Store This Pretty Stuff!

Don't forget to label it, and clean up with LOTS of baking soda.



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    17 Discussions

    I have not yet done this experiment. This is really cool because it does not require transmutation circle. It seems cool, will be reporting back when I have done the project.

    Cool experiment but what are the ratios for the reaction?

    3 replies

    I listed them in the video, but it CAN be done 1 to 1, but Lead Nitrate NEEDS to be used up, so I did a 1: 0.8

    No problem. I hope to see you in the comments on my youtube channel i love to hear from you guys.

    this was super cool idea????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1 reply

    Spokesperson for this.. sure! And the guy who made the video so i should know this stuff... yeah you in fact, can sell this for around 1.3k USD. If someone pays that much, that i doubt.


    1 year ago

    One day too late, for this 1st April Joke


    1 year ago

    If only you could turn lead to gold, I would be a billionaire.

    2 replies

    But you can...at about a billion dollars an ounce.