Turn Long Hair Into a Bob in Minutes





Introduction: Turn Long Hair Into a Bob in Minutes

What you need:
Hair elastic
Bobby pins (optional

Step 1: Brush Your Hair

Start out with you natural hair and brush it out to get out the tangles

Step 2: Tying the Ponytail

Take your hair and tie it only twice around your hair. Pull it down until it is closer to the tip of the hair. Finally, tie one more loop around the hair to have a very loose pony.

^*TIP*^ experiment with different lengths and find the right one for the length and size and volume of your hair

Step 3: Put It In

Take the ends of your hair that are after your pony holder and tuck it under the bob. Pin it in if needed.
THEN YOU ARE DONE. hairspray if needed



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    3 Discussions

    That is amazing!!! But I just cut my hair short!:(

    Wow! This is awesome!