Turn Old Door to Dining Table





Introduction: Turn Old Door to Dining Table

About: 38 yr Operation Manager Selangor, Malaysia

working as operation manager make me little bored siting in office.. so i decide to make something to fill my bored working hours..
suddenlly i get a idea after wacthing some diy work in youtube. this is how i make it...

Step 1: Clean the Old Door

after manually sander the door for cleaning from dirt, i'm using woodfilla for covering broken part at the old door.

Step 2: Looking Some Idea for Table Legs

after research, i decide to use a palllet for my table legs. as a operation manager in a tranportation in my family bisnes. i have a lots of wood pallet in my warehouse. i decide to use pine wood pallet. after cleaning and sanding the pallet, for final touch, i use varnish for make it shiny.

Step 3: Paint the Door

after sanding the door, i choose to paint it in black and done. check this out...



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    Really neat and innovative. Do forks and plates and stuff not fall into some of the cravaces that the trim of the door make?

    nice to add a layer of same-sized glass layer on top of the table.

    but overall, this is a good recycling project

    It looks great! Thanks for sharing. :)