Turn Plastic Bottles Into String





Introduction: Turn Plastic Bottles Into String

If you want some super string you better be follow all the instructions

The video is explicative and simple however if you have question do not hesitate to contact me



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    This is an incredible project. Simple, accessible, sustainable, and produces a universally useful, fully recyclable, and very strong product. I really wish that I had this idea, but since I didn't I can only congratulate you.

    I think that you should try to find a way to slightly simplify your design to use less metallic fasteners and something other than a ball bearing in order to make it even more accessible to anyone anywhere.

    Also, a great follow up project would be to make a way to quickly and reliably heat weld the ends of the plastic string together in order to make longer lengths, as well as maybe some kind of heat and tension device to make the string lay straight rather than all tangled. PET plastic is very strong and easily worked, so this should be an easily achievable goal.

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    Thank you a lot ! how you gave me so much ideas .. :) i just made this project for a class project and lots of people liked it :) (sorry for the english i'm french )

    Au contraire, votre Anglaise est très bien.?

    i think all the ideas are wonderful but just do be careful where these bits of plastic are left after use, can cause a lot of damage to wildlife, pets etc. I know I am being a boring old fart but I have seen the results of wild birds broken wings and strangulation due to discarded plastic.

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    you're right but if you take the time to reuse plastic bottles i don't think that you will ruin all you efforts for throw the strings in the nature ..

    it is a difficult problem, I am all for recycling to somehow reduce the wretched plastic problem of the millions thrown away daily across the world, more is needed to educate people not to discard them after a few minutes use for them to take hundreds of years to decompose. Carry on the inventions love to see them.

    Well done very cool.